Types of Sports Betting

Types of Sports Betting

As you begin engaging in betting, there are a few decisions that you need to make. One and among the arguably most fundamental judgement involves the type of bet you go with. All types have a simple basic procedure and part as the additional rules defining each sets in. These types are the single, accumulator and system bets.

Single Bet

This is the safest and the recommended for beginners. It is simple and straightforward. Here you put your money on a particular outcome. For example if you are betting on a particular football team that interests you, choose either if it will win, draw or lose. The fundamental point here is that you choose one and only one team and a single outcome from the match involving it.

The single bet can also be split into different bets. For instance betting on a win, draw or loss at the same time. Suppose you favour a draw, a third of the stake goes to it. If the outcome favours you, you win everything, but if contrary you just get a third on what was correct.

Accumulator Bet

This involves distinctly placing multiple single bets but only using a single stake amount. For instance betting for four different teams, called a fourfold, by picking the sides that you are favouring. This is considered a risky bet as one of your choices can knock you out but on the other hand it has a huge payout if you correctly predict the outcomes. The payouts are awarded in simple terms by multiplying the odds of each outcome and then by your stake hence the rewarding nature.

System Bet

Here you place your bet on a number of outcomes. To win you need not have made correct predictions for all the games because it involves two-way, three-way and accumulator bets. However, your winnings are dependent on you selection and you may earn lower or higher than your stake amount. It is due to this provision that many choose to place huge stakes whenever betting systematically.