Two match points

Two match points

Two match points and a wake-up call for the Russian ace

Maria Sharapova, the hottest tennis player in the world and the No.2 on the ATP world ranking list received a wake-up call just as she was about to lose the match. She saved 2 points and continued playing against Alexandra Panova, the 150th on the list and somehow managed to win the game.

It was a hard battle for Maria Sharapova as she managed to get to the win at the end with 6-1, 4-6, 7-5 – second rounds win against her international friend, the Russian Alexandra Panova in a match where Maria Sharapova brought herself into a position where she had to defend match points with the 51 unforced errors. The match would have been finished earlier if it wasn’t for some great forehands and hard hits from the ground that saved her from disqualification and eventually won her the match.

This is the 2nd match where Maria Sharapova experiences and comes across in the 10th last game that she played, managing to save the match points in both games and coming out as a winner. On the other hand Alexandra Panova had not won an opening match in the last 5 major tournament, and this time she managed to advance through to the second round and almost made it in the third but there is only one person to be blamed for not taking the opportunities and pushing all the way in in the last match point.

Maria Sharapova was short in front of the cameras and the media saying that she is simply happy that she went through. Two match balls for the enemy is something that will make her contemplate and the inspiring match that her international colleague has played will be a motivation to pass the weak game presented by Sharapova on Wednesday at the 2nd round of Australian Open.

Maria Sharapova had a great stard of the season with already one trophy on her shelf as she won the Brisbane International Title.

The second set for the 5 times Grand Slam Champion Maria Sharapova was the weakest one, where she had the worst serve in years. The Russian girl who won the Australian Open in the 2008 failed to control her serve and return in the whole set that caused her to lose 4-6 and to give Alexandra Panova the opportunity to get to her match points. The last set when Sharapova was at the bottom of the game she managed to save two match points, and since then it was like another tennis player entered the ground. She turned the match in her advantage and won with ease – something that she should have done even in the first set.

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