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As the years pass by there has been increased interest from the world about the Cricket game. It is no longer just British and its former colonies game, but it starts to spread around the world. The twenty 20 tournament has managed to rise the game to the level that it is now, to a level where spectators from all around the world are coming to watch the beautiful game being played. Let’s take a look at some of the previous years as well as this year’s world cup Twenty 20 and the outcomes – winners of the tournament.

England and Sri Lanka’s face and the view from a match with the Twenty20 format, 15 June 2006.

Twenty20 with or frequently used abbreviations T20 , 2003, the England and Wales Cricket Board created by over limited a cricket format. In a cricket match made in accordance with the format, maximum 20 teams over an out innings are played.

A cricket match is played in the Twenty20 format consists of 75-90 minute break two innings and 10-20 minutes and lasts approximately three hours. Not to take the place of other cricket format was created more than that in order to draw the audience a short duration. In 2007, a World Cup in this format of the ICC World Twenty20 began to be organized, and this tournament’s first champion Pakistan’s five run eaten with India has been. While India team to the championship in 2009, 2010 in England, and in 2012, the last championships the West Indies has been the champion.

International matches are played in the Twenty20 format since 2005. increased international game in this format are today 17 different teams.


Here we can see the 17 different countries and the dates when they officially made their first game in the Twenty 20 tournament. This table also shows that as the years pass by the interest is larger and larger among the countries, and is expected to go even further with it.

When it comes to this year’s tournament we are going to mention several games that were played this week.

February 14th England – South Africa. The game finished with South Africa winning by 5 wickets

Ireland beat UAE by 34 runs while India won against Sri Lanka by 9 wickets.

UAE managed to win just two days after on 16th of February against Ireland with 5 runs, while an interesting game is expected on 19th February: Afghanistan vs UAE, Hong Kong vs. Oman and South Africa vs. England. Enjoy the T20 program.

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