Turner is one strong jockey

Turner is one strong jockey

Turner is one strong jockey after the memorable race finish

After announcing that she will put an end to her career few months ago, the legendary Hayley Turner raced her final race in Doncaster and was only few meters away from finishing a fairytale career with fairytale race, taking home the 2nd place trophy after George Baker. The race in the Betfred November Handicap at Doncaster was a race where all eyes were focused on one person, putting an end to her career, a true example for the women jockeys, a fighter for the weak sex rights in sports, a true example for the jockeys overall in the sport.

The handicap race that took place in Doncaster was opened and led by the most successful female rider in Britain and the lead was untouched until the midway point of the race. However the star of the night Hayley Turner who was riding Buonarroti managed to lose the 1st place in a race worth £65,000 and had to be satisfied with the 2nd place after George Baker managed to steal the attention. George Baker who was riding Litigant was the expected and well deserved win, but despite that fact the crowd after the race as well as all the horse racers and jockeys together with the coaches went for Hayley Turner to congratulate on her race and to wish her a happy time outside of the thing she loved the most – Horse Racing.

Despite missing out on what would have been an apt winner, considering the first ride of Turner’s 15-year career came for Buonarotti’s trainer Declan Carroll, the 32-year-old remained in high spirits.

Turner said: “It’s a nice way to finish. I don’t feel emotional and there’s no tears. Is that weird? I wouldn’t know.

“Buonarroti has run an absolute blinder. I couldn’t have asked for a better ride and after George came past, he’s done well to keep on well to finish second.

“I’ve had a fantastic career and I owe so much to all the owners and trainers who have supported me all the way through.”

After this race we will have a chance to see her ride again in South Africa next week for a memorable race where there will be participants and jockeys who are already out of the business and the sport, but decided to unite and give this country a little light of the sport.

Surrounded by the family and friends, Hayley Turner had received a great farewell ‘party’ after the race where everybody of the coaches and opponents on the sport was present to lead her out of the thing she loved the most.

She will remain as one of the most successful female jockey rider in the world, and by far the most successful in Britain. Her strong character and fights for rights just shows her passion for the port and overall in life. Let’s wish her all the best in whatever she will be doing after Horse Racing.