Tricolor 7s Casino Game Review

Tricolor 7s Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Tricolor 7s Casino Game Review

Tricolor 7s Casino Game which is developed by the IGT scheduled to release in the market of Italy in 2020. The theme of the game is based on the Italian flag with various options in it. Having some classic and new symbols in the slot, it will be good to earn for the new players of the casino as well the experienced. The review of the game is composed of the symbols, reels, behave of the slots, stacks, multipliers, pay-lines, and betting rang. Here is the detail of all the functions and features in the slot.

Tricolor 7s casino game can be played through the mobile phone of android to enjoy anywhere in the global village but you have to download the software which is required for it.


There are only 3 reels in the 7s slot machine of the casino with the only active life to produce the $250,000 which is equal to the 2500x like big cash. The RTP in the slot is 96.24% which is not specified for the makers of the slot. It is so simple a slot to provide help for all the users to get some fun and entertain at the start of 2020. Follow us for all the latest and upcoming casino games of 2020.

Betting Range and Payout

As we told at the start of the content, it is clear that slot is too easy and a player can do bet from the only amount of $0.01 but while the richest gambler also gave the $100 for gambling on the slot machine of the casino. You can use up to $100 for a spin to get the benefit. The payout posted by the developer of the game is up to 1500x stacks which turned into the $250,000 to give some inspiring amount to the players or the wagers. The addition of the RTP and the multipliers with the re-spins made the slot a highly volatile for all the lovers of the casino who played it like online or offline.

How to Play

IGT which is the licensing authority of the game did not add all the significant features in the slot like the scatters, wilds, free spins, and multipliers. The entire slot machine behaves differently from all the other games. From the given 3 symbols of three colors like the red, green and while are responsible for the pairs and combinations on the only 1 reel of the slot. These winning pairs from the 3 symbols will give you a heavy amount of the prize.

If you picked the 3 blank positions in the reels from the regular symbols, you will be paid more than the given amount fixed by the makers of the game. All the payout is the result of the Combo which is –present in the slot to form the Italian flag with the 3 colors of red, white and green.

The method of how to play the casino game or the working of the symbols on the reels of slot depend on the practice of the gambler if learned more than the past, then he will not face any problem from it. The exact method to play the slot is only come by doing physically on the casino game at the station of gambling or the cell phone of android at your home.


The theme of the game is made with the 3 colors of 7s in the slot machine which showed the Italy flag resemblance. The features and the functions are revolved around the 3 colors of the red, white and green with the classic options. The front and back screen of the machine also giving some inspiration for the casino Italy flag. The 3 Bar logos and Lucky 7s can give a maximum prize for the gamblers.


The game of 7s is only for the players of Italy to give some edge in the casino market. Due to this option, the slot is very easy to handle. Having, all the basic options and amounts in the game, a good chance for the domestic players to carry on.

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