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Trending basket ball

Trending basket ball news about Golden state warriors and NBA championship

Golden state warriors have tasted a success in the last game against Cleveland Cavaliers in a competitive game that was a great treat for NBA fans. The game was still the best ever by Draymond Green who is the notable hero of the last game. He has been on the new ever since he scored for Golden state warriors in the crucial time that changed the pace of the game and that shattered the hope of the Cavaliers. After the game is over there are various discussions in the news, reports and in social media about the NBA championship which is two games away for the Golden State Warriors.

The Los Angeles Lakers is a team against which the Golden State Warriors will be playing but before that Magic Johnson who is the former player of Los Angeles Lakers said that though Golden State Warriors have won the last game they are not better than Los Angeles Lakers. He added that Los Angeles Lakers will win the game against Golden State Warriors which he considers as inferior to the Los Angeles Lakers. After his statement Klay Thompson of Golden State Warriors said that they are better than the Lakers and they are going to make it for championship. But when the hero of the recent game of Golden State Warriors Draymond Green was asked about whether they are best than Los Angeles Lakers, he immediately answered that how can we say that as we haven’t played with them.

Mycal Thompson the Father of Klay Thompson says that he knows that both the team has power and force to win against each other and it is all about how they perform on the day which is important for both of them. But Johnson disagreed and said the he is sure that Los Angeles Lakers will beat the Golden State Warriors. He added further that all the people who object this is going to be fooled, when Los Angeles Warriors win the game to Golden State Warriors. Johnson says that Klay’s Father is a good person he has played with but he is very sure about the performance of the Los Angeles Lakers. After coaching the team against Golden State Warriors and playing on Los Angeles Lakers Byron Scott nods his head for Johnson’s opinion.

Bryan said that he has no doubt about any of the opinions of Johnson and he is also waiting to see the game between Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers and wants to see the people get fooled who are against Johnson’s opinion. Bryan says that he does not underestimates Golden State Warriors but he is too confident with the moves and shoots of Kareem, James Scott and some other players who rock the game from Los Angeles Lakers.