Treasure Skyland Casino Game Review

Treasure Skyland Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Treasure Skyland Casino Game Review

Treasure Skyland casino game made by Microgaming with the help of its partner to make a well-designed. Having decent graphics in the slot with the symbols maybe this game adopted some importance in the market. It is scheduled to release in the market in March 2020. The review of the Treasure Skyland will give you a detail of all the functions and the features in the game. Some of the new functions entered by the developers of the slot but overall it is difficult to make a market in front of the high volatility games of casinos.

Treasure Skyland added the option of the online facility for the gamblers because it is the only way to get traffic for the slot if he failed to get players at the casino stations physically.


There are 5 reels and 20 pay-lines in the slot to make the appropriate pairs from the symbols on the given reels. Whereas the extra options of features, wilds, multipliers, random symbols would be enough to enhance the payout of the game. It is not so easy to pick the highest cash from the gameplay as this slot just added some good options for the wagers. Here is the information about betting and payout.

Betting Range and Payout

The minimum betting range for the wagers to players started from the only $0.10 to the maximum $100. This range of betting showed that this game can be played by all the users to the options of the betting. Microgaming once again did not add the option of the Progressive Jackpot because of some of the percentage of the RTP taken by it. An experienced player of casino did well with the symbol and made the combinations well then no one could stop him to draw the maximum given prize.

Before to tell the figures of the payout, the presence of the RTP is to tell the users is very important which is 96.18%. The maximum payout from the Treasure Skyland settled 1000x which almost equal the $100,000 like a volatile game of casino. It is better to play for a good response because some of the cash prizes are hidden in the slot like the free rounds, free spins, wilds and multipliers to add extra fun and enjoyment for the gamblers.

How to Play

Having many good features and functions in the slot overall but the presence of the wilds in the shape of the Map gave too much importance to the game. It is the only symbol that can attach with the others to make the pairs and the symbols for the users because of the triggering option in it. It can also work as an alternative.  The next feature in the slot working is to come to the frame with a decent form to roll over the reels and to stick any location of the reel. This can make the pairs and combinations with the help of the modifier of random.

The Treasure Skyland casino game can give 4x multipliers in the entire frame for winning the symbols to increase the pairs of the wilds symbols to convert it into the icons for wilds. The presence of the free bonus of Picking and modern map are the other options for the high price to pay the 10x to the 1000x the stacks as a multiplier.


It is a regular theme but some of the symbols are mixed up of the past and future. It showed the islands which were floating on the sky and other symbols are monkeys. The layout of the slot is attractive to inspire the players of the casino.  Usual Royal symbols, 3 kinds of symbols of monkeys and Map with the logo created the more quality in the theme but it all depends on the minds of the players.


Having, mixed up of the prize in the form of payout and the extra features made this slot very useful for the player. The older players of the casino who played too many games can get an advantage rather than the newbies to get the cash.

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