Transfer News all around the world

Transfer News all around the world

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in Football

As the New Year and the January transfer windows are closer and closer, we have new rumors as the days pass by. Let’s see some of the most interesting ones that caught our attention.

Werder wants De Jong

Football club Werder Bremen is interested in the winter transfer period in their ranks brought Milan players Nigel de Jong, brought the Italian media.

Dutch footballer is fighting for a place in the team since this summer on the Milan bench sat Serbian coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, so there had been media speculation that it is close to leaving the San Siro.

Tutosport published the information that is Werder Bremen’s interested in De Jong, and that he wanted to bring him on loan in the winter transfer window.

Despite the fact that in the first two matches of the new season in Serie A wearing captain’s armband, De Jong has so far played only four matches in the Italian championship.

Why is Pogba refused astronomical offer Chelsea? Barcelona!

These details reveal the Spanish and Italian media. The Frenchman, together with the manager on 24 and 25 August negotiated with representatives of the Blues

Cooked. A lot. Large “fumes were on the table” in the home half Pogba 24th and 25 August. There they put them representatives of Chelsea – pay even 12 million euros per season and 85 million euros Juventus. But Paul Pogba refused. How to say Spanish and Italian media that he could be a clear sign that the young midfielder wants only to move to Barcelona.

Interestingly, Pogba’s salary at Juventus is 4,500,000 euros, so it’s practically incomparable with the 12 million it had offered Abramovich . However, for half that aspect was obviously not critical. He has since been linked with Barcelona and all the advocates of this theory received another “ticket that I can play.” Pogba during previous interviews did not hide that he wants to wear the same equipment as Lionel Messi , Neymar and Luis Suarez , and when would he still stood in the middle the “offensive” relationship would be more ubitačnija than it is now.

A, and these came to the top of Europe.

It is obvious that Pogba is playing the insecure card, a card that may end him up where he is at the moment and not taking any potential move. He has played a card where he shows that he is sure going to get and offer from the Catalonian club, although according to the media information all those talks were rumors, and not an actual deal between the talented French midfielder and Barcelona.

It is up for us to see these remaining month and a half to see how things will go for Pogba, maybe another better offer will come from Chelsea and the Russian Avramovic, or maybe Barselona will finally place an offer for one of the best talents in Europa.

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