Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea betting review – English Premier League 2021 – 19th September

Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea betting review – English Premier League 2021 – 19th September

English Premier League entered into the crucial stage. All the teams want to pick more points to take place in the next round. The betting review has consisted of head-to-head information, latest performance, line-ups, betting odds & tips, predictions, statistics, and latest updates about the two teams. You can compare all the facts and figures to the other side at any time.

Latest Performance

Hotspur took part in 6 games and remained undefeated in 5 games and lost in one. If we see the performance of the Chelsea side, then they succeeded in 4 games and lost in one. The 6th game did not favor anyone.

Head to Head

Both the side had met to each other before seven months in this year. The Chelsea side played a good game to earn more points. I have checked that the final result was 0-1 in favor of Chelsea.


According to the major spots of prediction and our experience, we have found that the Hotspur picked only 25% chances to win the game compared to others. The Chelsea side will enter into the ground with a 49% chance to win the game.


If we see the performance at home in English Premier League, then Hotspur played two games and remained well in a couple of contests. They scored two goals and conceded null. Son Min was the top scorer to achieve two goals in both the game.

We cannot complete the review until we add the information on the Chelsea side. They also played a couple of games but remained well in only one game. They scored three goals and conceded one. That was the major difference between the two teams.


Both sides would like to announce the final playing XI before the start of the game. All the major players will add to the last team. Only injuries may impact the announcement.

Betting Odds & Tips

Now, I would like to talk about the betting odds & tips. It is the most crucial part of the game review. The Hotspur picked 11/4 betting price verses the 19/20 for the other side. We made these numbers after checking the latest performance in several games.

You need to check the number of victories in the last game to find better tips. We are giving more advantage to the Chelsea side after checking the figures.


I tried my best to post all the desired information for the viewers. According to my own experience, Chelsea has a lot of chances to win the game. Prediction is always made on behalf of the past data. We do not like to add scam information for the views. It would help if you stayed away from the scam data. I want to ask you to compare facts and figures to clarify the result.