Top spot in the group

Top spot in the group

Top spot in the group A is expected for France which comes true with their recent match

France is the country that is on the news daily in this season since they host the most famous Euro cup football tournament. Since it is the second most famous football tournament, the curiosity among the fans and supporters the excitement of the foot ball lovers around the world is really awesome. The news channels release live news reports from France on time both on online and offline. Since the country hosts the cup, there is a huge expectation for the France to win the cup. The fans and supporters are waiting for the day and in each match the french people become nervous and finally now relieving and excited.

The fans and supporters of France foot ball team seem to be relived and excited as their country tops in the “Group A” list. At Lille the famous stadium in France, the team France played a match with the draw result against Swiss and entered in to the top position of Group A. The match between France and Swiss was really awesome and the hearts of the people were pounding to see the result. French fans were looking for their team to enter the top position which happened in the goal less match they played recently.

Meanwhile in the other stadium the country Albania has made a historic win recorded as a first time win in the major football tournament with 1-0 against Romania. Both the teams were competitive to each other but with one goal at right time Albania made a record. The Albanian player Armando Sadiku’s single goal against Romania has turned the match that turns to be a history of Albanian foot ball.

As a top team of the group, France will play against the country that has secured third place in the Group C and D or Group E in the same stadium in which they had a draw game with Swiss. The team Swiss will play against may be Germany or Poland and may be Northern Ireland. Meanwhile after facing the draw against France, the head coach of Swiss Mr Petkovic has said that the team Swiss will play their best to make through in all the rest of the matches. Swiss players have given their best to stop the France from getting a goal and also they tried to earn a goal which was not possible all the ways.

The team France and Swiss both are getting ready for the upcoming matches to take the lead and to enter the finals. Already it is like grand festival in the streets of France and due to the team’s position in the Group A, the fans and supporters celebrate all over the country with a great expectation of winning the cup this time.