Top footballers and their past

Top footballers and their past

Incident with expletives and cry after utorkového battles between the Soccer League champions Manchester City – FC Barcelona (3: 1), which the actor was Lionel Messi, already knows well the other party. He was Mikel Arteta, a member of the coaching staff of Manchester City and former Arsenal player. Now Arteta allegedly as a first zakričal on Messi with a view to him vysmial triumph “Citizens’ 3: The first ” what are you up to? Go and do something, asshole, “ shout supposedly Arteta on Messi in hráčskom tunnel when he left the locker under TV channel La Sexta.Brought the information portal These words infuriated Messi on the other hand addressed this acerbic comments. “Idiot, turns out to be neutekaj, not hide in.” Vedenie ManCity however, disputes the version of guilt Arteta.

Messi allegedly offending, only he rejoiced

Messi allegedly offending, only rejoiced in the tunnel together with the players. But Messi as he first said to those joyous celebrations allowed into the locker room. “Mikel in any way provoke Lea. Bears no blame for what’s happened,” cites portal The Sun by the English team. March scribbled in a similar fashion: “Those who know Arteta know that this is not his style of someone ask for it. After 17 years of career with him, nothing similar happened.”

An angry Messi later comforted by his Argentine colleague of representations and striker ManCity Sergio Agüero . “a little Lea know, and I must say that is not feeling well. but when they play that never was unwell and seek blame in komkoľvek. Regarding that incident, Leo anything he said, but there was not anything serious. something I heard, but I do not know exactly what it was, “ tried before the media to solve the problem črtajúci Agüero.

Arteta began as an FC Barcelona player

Tridsaťštyriročný Arteta began his professional career as a player for FC Barcelona, but the Catalan giant, neodohral in the first performer nor the match, he took in only B- and C-thereby. With a career bid farewell to summer this year after five years spent in London’s Arsenal. Previously, he worked at Everton, San Sebastian, Glasgow Rangers. He played in the center of the box. Before the beginning of this season, he has accepted the offer to assist Pepa Guardiola Barcelona legend following time Manchester City. Radio station Cadena Ser also informed that Messi came his frustration also addressing directly into the opponent’s dressing room, where they appeared accompanied by the delegate meeting Carles flushing. Messi was the only bishop on Tuesday, FC Barcelona on turf Manchester City. It was already his 90th goal in the clubs najprestížnejšej European competition. In the first of these two duels favoritov C-LM group was born in Catalonia convincing victory homemade 4: 0th