Top 4 of the classic slot machines Microgaming with the best bonus

Top 4 of the classic slot machines Microgaming with the best bonus

Posted on November 11, 2023 by in Gambling
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We must not hide the face, most of the players of today are looking for the machine to under last cry with a distribution of free spins at towers of arm and graphics worthy of the film Avatar. We advocate ourselves guilty! However, this is also a lot of good to return to the essential by escaping to the complexity of the titles that are developed today, is it not? Do you remember these machines to under a little retro style that were beat our heart? Is that what you always have the chills thinking back to the good old time? If you feel nostalgic but that you hold to a modern key in the machines to under, we have exactly the selection that you need.

Bar Bar Black Sheep™

Attention, all machines to under that we present to you in this classification are developed by Microgaming. This ensures you a pledge of quality and more, you can even play on mobile! Bar Bar Black Sheep™ is an i-slot with a single line of payment which is inspired by a rhyme English for the children.

The true secret of Bar Bar Blask Sheep™: its combo! It is enough for you to gather the symbols ” Bar ” on the roll No. 1 and 2 and finish by the symbol of the black sheep on the third roller! The Challenge You tent? Good luck!


Haunted House™

Halloween is a celebration that has place only once a year, but some of us love to tell stories of horror and dig the abandoned homes throughout the year. If you, too, you have the passion of the pumpkins carved and bats, even in the middle of the summer, then the machine to under Haunted House™ from Microgaming is made for you !

The true secret of Haunted House™: Of course, it is a machine to under Classic. But you can still get the free spins and even of the symbols “wild”! If you succeed to align three symbols ” scatter”, you save 15 free tours! And during these free spins, the option can be reactivated at any time, which offers you additional opportunities to touch the jackpot on this machine to under on the theme of Halloween!

Cash Crazy™

If you do not feel to make you afraid intentionally with the theme of Halloween, Cash Crazy™ will certainly be more suited to your expectations. This machine to under has all the symbols of the most traditional of the bandits-traditional penguins, which includes, of course, of the symbols “Bar”, “7” and the symbols ” cherries”.

The true secret of Cash Crazy™: Naturally, as all the traditional slot machines, the latter contains a line of payment and 3 rollers. But the jackpot, him, is more important than the other, since you can earn up to 200 tokens! If you are lucky, of course.

Cops and Robbers™

You remember the game of the constable and the thief? This has beautiful to be one of the Games of children the most popular, it is also a game of money very appreciated of the players of the machines. As usual, this i-slot contains only a line of payment and that 3 rollers also.

The true secret of Cops and Robbers™: compared to other machines with under, the jackpot of this opus is 5 000 tokens! In addition, there is a few juicy features incorporated into the game, as the possibility of repeat his turn, to multiply its gains, and even to win lots random bonus!

Who said that it is not amused not on the classic slot machines? Not Microgaming in all case! Try these machines to under of any emergency, thus you will be able to make a real opinion on these bandits-penguins at the line of single payment!

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