Tomb of Mirrors Casino Game Review

Tomb of Mirrors Casino Game Review

Tomb of Mirrors casino game is made by the Leander Games and ready to go in the market in 2020 for all the players of the casino. From inside, the theme of the game did not pick any other functions and all the features are the original of the developers of the slot. The tale of the game revolved around Ancient Egypt with the pretty girls of the area and the reassures which make the slot very impressive for the gamblers of the casino. Tomb of Mirrors picked all the reels information, betting range, payout, multipliers, stacks and the symbols in the slot.

Tomb of Mirrors can be played through the smartphone but the presence of the software and application would be in the android phone to run the game. Online Betting adopted more importance in the market of the casino because of easy functions and access to the games. The players, who want to play this kind of slot, must aware of the hackers of the casino games transactions. Always use the locked sites to play the casino slots.


The game of Tomb of mirrors added just 5 reels like the past games with the 25 pay-lines which is the best sign to gain the customers of a casino from the industry. The payout which fixed by the makers of the game is up to the 500x with the other symbols like the scatters and wilds which always boosted the amount of cash at the end of the slot. The RTP which is almost 96% also released some cash for the users in the form of the functions in the game but not pay directly to players.

Betting Rang and Payout

For all the given lines of betting, the range betting is too low which begins from only 25 cents to the $2.50 which is too cheap for the users. Most of the experts argued that this slot is just made for the newbies and casual player due to check the market of the casino for the Leander’s to make the new games. The game of the Tomb of Mirrors failed to add the high volatile into it but the RTP is suitable for the players. The payout of the 500x is a good one but the former player might think to play these kinds of casino slots.

How to Play

The functions and features of the game will not show any kind of winning symbol to get some sin in the slot. You have to think own to know the best method to bring the option to get some cash at the end of the game. The Mirror of Mystery acts like a trigger to get free spins from the wilds by matching it on the reels of the slot. By doing the option of converting the wilds reels then you have the option to get the multipliers up to the 4x which is good at that time.

After doing it, you can avail of the option of the various combos to get more multipliers from these options. The other best option is the location of the Ankh scatters which will give you more free spin on the 3rd reels of the slot. The Treasure Room will release the 20 extra free spins for the users to add more round with the increase of the multipliers of the game.


The theme of the game is based on Ancient Egypt with the options and symbols of mirrors in the slot. The theme of the given slot, we have seen many times before it but the presence of the graphics in the slot is too attractive to gain the users of the game. The symbols of scatters, Eye of Ra and scarabs with the Royals made the slot too useful for the market.


From inside of the game, all the option in the slot is of the average type, but the players will think to play it for one time, if they amused with the gameplay then no one could stop the users to play the slot again and again. The options of the scarabs, multipliers and scatters lifted the slot too high versus the other games in the market.