TO THE LAST penny sports betting for many more than fun

Hoping to gain them solve the financial problems, and many of the latest penny to give a ticket in sports betting.

It is impossible to say exactly how many people visit bookmakers and they seek happiness, but the insider estimates that at least a million people in Serbia least once a week fills ticket.

The average player who bets on sports scores a man, has from 25 to 40 years old, employed, have completed high school or college, and his average payment per ticket is between 20 and 200 pounds. And several times a week he tried painting luck in betting. Most often loses, and if not exactly happy, then it is satisfied when at zero.

Sociologist Koković Dragan explains that primarily betting big passion.

Even in developed countries, people are obsessed with gambling. This is a business where you do not seek to attain some work, but hope that their fate would be in favor of Dragan Koković, sociologist

– Many flourishing betting linked to the economic situation in the country, but even in countries that have developed people are obsessed with gambling. This is an activity in which people do not seek to achieve something through their work, but they hope that their fate would be in favor of, a way to entertain. What betting separated from other types of games of chance is that those who pay the tickets have the feeling that things are not left to fate, because they are used here, and some knowledge about the sport – explains Koković.

However, he points out that the strategy of survival gaming differently interpreted.

The Association of Gambling claim that is false theory that the economic crisis leads to the expansion of games of chance

– We often betting is not only fun, but hope people will one ticket to solve their existential problems. It is dangerous when it comes to young people when chasing big gains fall into debt, because then it becomes addiction, and they are starting to lend money to steal, and many end up in rehab – objašjava Koković.

The Association of Gambling say that the theory that the economic crisis leads to expansion of the lottery is not true, and that since the beginning of the economic crisis traffic dropped by about 25 percent.

How much money passes through them, the business secret that the owners are not talking. However, net profit of only three biggest betting (which, admittedly, in most of its facilities and vending machines are games of chance) in 2014 amounted to about 1.2 billion dinars, or about ten million.