To know more about cricket is to love it

To know more about cricket is to love it

Cricket is the most popular sport which is being played all the parts of the world especially you can more commonly seen even in the smallest streets of India where boys of all ages are played with a great enthusiasm. It finds its origin in England and it’s the national sport of that country. It is more common in many countries and mostly in commonwealth games. It is played between two teams which consist of eleven players where one scores runs and other aims at getting wickets. It is being played using a bat and a ball.

The main rules of cricket are; the captain of the team choses one bowler and rest ten players will be the fielders. The main aim of the bowler will be getting the wicket of the batsmen by aiming the ball at the stumps which is behind the batsman. One of the fielders is called the wicket keeper who will handle those balls to take the wickets and he stands behind the batsman. The other fields will try to catch the ball after which the batsman hits the ball. An over consists of six balls which are being served to the batsman by the bowlers. If the batsman hits the ball directly outside the boundary then it is called six and if the ball pitches and goes away from the boundary is called the four. Other balls differ by the distance which it goes. The bowler cannot serve the balls continuously after his first over. There should be change of bowling styles. Each of the bowlers will have a different bowling style. The batsmen will try to defend the ball from hitting it away from his stumps. In order to score runs both the batsmen should run go-between two stumps where he should run as many runs as possible.

The different formats of cricket which may include: test matches, national leagues, limited over cricket, one day international and twenty20 cricket. Test matches are the top international game which is being played by most of the countries. It is governed by the international cricket council which is known as ICC. It has enforced a lot of rules to protect the players. National league system consists of playing the game within the country with its states. In limited over cricket the length is determined by the number of overs and each of them has only one innings. In one day international game its over is limited only up to 50 overs. In twenty20 format the over is limited only up to 20.

It has two special types of averages which are calculated to know who those good players in each team are: a batsman’s batting average and the bowling average. The batting average is calculated by the total runs scored by the batsman in a period divided by the number of times he was got out in the game. The bowling average is calculated by the number run the batsman has scored which is divided by the number of players eliminated.

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