Time to Tumble Slot Review

Time to Tumble Slot Review

It is one of the best slots in 2021. Most of the users liked it in the past. The theme of the game is taken from the movie that was released in 1984. Like in the reels and symbols, all the images on the screen showed the monster’s inspiration. It showed the scene of the 80s. The Scientific games created a lot of good slots for the viewers in 2021. Here is more detail about the space.

The game has consisted of 5×3 reels in the machine. There are not any lines in the game to win. We have checked that the makers failed to release a maximum potential for the viewers. If you want to see the RTP in fun, it has the 95% to create more attraction. Free spins, Cascading wins, and Bonus wheels are the significant features of the game.

Betting & Prizes

It is very crucial to know about the betting and prize amount before taking any action. It has started from only 10 cents to 30. We have checked that it is the best figures for all the newcomers. On the other side, you can win up to $50,000 that is enough amounts to draw. Do not forget to get the additional amount in the game.


In all the game features, one of the best options is the maximum symbols for the viewers. You can make a lot of combinations by using different kinds of reels all the time. After matching with each other, you can win maximum outcome at any time.

All the combo symbols in the game have too much importance. It will automatically trigger the cascading wins all the time. All the wrong characters will remove automatically. You need to get the whole experience before starting the game. If you are a newcomer, then you need to stay away from it. Gambling is also not allowed for the children and the new ones. I want to ask you to alert me to all the latest rules and regulations.

If you would like to use the 5th cascades reels, it will be interesting to see. After doing it, you receive more than seven rounds at the same time. So, please do not skip it at any time.

The Theme of Time to Tumble Slot

As we discussed at the start of the review, the game was also inspired by the 80s. Most of the images like the logos, 3d glasses, cupcakes, boom box, ice cream, and donuts showed the best seven for all the viewers. Do not worry if you find any additional features in the slot. You will amuse by all the given elements in the place. It is going to release in August 2021 for all the online and offline sources.


If we see the latest features in the games, then it is one of the best slots in the modern world. Most of the functions are very interesting for the viewers. No doubt, it has consisted of a meager rate of RTP. But, according to the latest news and updates, we have seen that it is not too bad also for us. I want to ask you to use it for your betterment in the coming time.