Tiki Tower slot review

Tiki Tower slot review

A perfectly designed game with a Tiki-style which acquires from the Pacific locale’s way of life, Tiki Tower slot from Radi8 conveys magnificent features also, not simply great looks. The Maori culture is the wellspring of motivation for this situation and we travel to a tropical island and experience a huge game territory all the while.

Tiki Tower begins you off with 5×3 reels and 30 lines but as the game zone is permitted to extend up to 8 rows high you likewise get up to 80 active lines for blends to frame on. You are taking a look at a game with medium volatility, alongside a 96.02% RTP, the kind of slot machine that a lot of players would be keen on.

Betting and Prizes

Tiki Tower has just Medium volatility with a high feature recurrence, so rely on observing those reels expand regularly. Simultaneously, I acknowledged seeing a 96.02% RTP mentioned for it, since it discloses to us that the game is in accordance with the offer that others are making in the Slots category.

Tiki Tower Slot Features

The primary feature that the game offers is the ability to grow the reels territory and to have more lines included. You begin with 5×3 reels which get 30 active lines. Each new rows of symbols will increase the number of lines by 10. As such, you can end up with a limit of 5×8 reels and 80 active lines.

To extend the game region you will need Tiki Tower symbols appearing on one of the center three reels. This will build the quantity of rows by 1.

Theme and Design

Tiki Tower depends on Maori culture and the Tiki sculptures that they have abandoned. We travel to a tropical island and we get a look at these delightful carved statues representing their deities. The game zone is now uncommon as it extends and opens new columns, implying that it is now taller than in many games. The symbols included are the Tiki Tower, alongside golden shells, cobalt starfish, four card suits, a violet manta ray and golden salamander.


Tiki tower looks like a fun enough release, a slot machine that the Asian market will likely appreciate. It surely has enough features to keep players busy and having fun.