Tight win for the Rockets

Tight win for the Rockets

Harden and his late shot lift the Rockets. Houston Rockets seems like still are having trouble from their visit in Mexico City, as their stamina level was slightly lower than the usual. However they managed to pull a victory over the Philadelphia 76ers with just one point.

Dwight Howard said that they had something like a hangover from Mexico City, with all the altitude and that stuff. They had to grind this one, but managed to do it in the end. They will need more practice says the Rockets center forward. James Harden scored 35 poins, including an off-balance shot with just nine seconds till the end of the match, and gave Houston the lead and the final score. He made 14 out of 16 free throws.

Coach Kevin McHale said that they are not good at all, and he owns this victory to James, and said thanks to him for going out and attacking.

The unlucky Michael Carter-Williams from the Sixers bounced the ball off his foot and out to give the ball to Houston, when James score the last point of the game and turn it over. The same Michael had another chance to win, but he missed the last second jump shot.

Tony Wroten was the most successful in the Sixers with 19 points. They led for most of the game after the embarrassing 53 point defeat Thursday night from Dallas.

Carter-Williams had 13 points and five assists, where Sims had 14 poins.

On the other hand Dwight Howard scored 21 points with 16 rebound and seven blocks, and Trevor Ariza had 13 points. Check the online sports betting forums for good prices.

The whole game was an initiative from the Sixers, and they led for most of the game. Unlike the Houston rockets relying on several players like Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza, they got the team play and more attractive game on the field last night. The turnaround came in the last quarter where the rockets scored first five points and tied the result. The Sixers had not scored a single point in the first five minutes of the last quarter, which is unusual for the NBA. The last quarter was definitely the most interesting one to watch, because they were constantly changing the lead, and unfortunate for the Philadelphia Sixers, they gave away the ball in the key moment, where the Rockets scored five quick points and led the game 68-61. But the unluckiest player in the field gave some hopes to the Sixers with 5 quick points in the Rocket’s net, and got the result close again. At the final seconds of the game, while having an advantage of one point, Carter-Williams possessed the ball when going to the Huston’s field lost control of the boll, it bounced off his feet and out of the field. The ball was for Huston and for James Harden, where nine seconds on the clock managed to shoot and to win, while being off balance. Carter-Williams missed the last shot of the game and missed the opportunity to win it for his team.