Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods along with the thanksgiving night will forever bring a change to golf

This thanksgiving is a great anniversary towards a twist to Tiger Woods life and the golfing history 5 years that passed. Tiger Woods was the greatest athlete in the world, as well as, one of the most admired men. He was a lock to smash with the most records ever. Even though there were fans who had no affection for Woods, they knew they were favoured to witness a once in a century performance of a talent as he was at the peaks of his powers.

All this was changed in 2009 on Thanksgiving dinner where his family-friend image was shattered by a parade of limbos which circulation of tales and texts. Later this was followed by immense headlines on the front page of The New York Post. Where the headlines read that the greatest golfer has the biggest sex scandal.

Woods has gone through it all but it is evident that he is not the golfer he was before the scandal. He had time to recover from this but he has lost years that will be hard to recoup.

Tiger Woods has never been defined by his mechanics. This being in play, he has made wins in 3 different swings. Much earlier in his golfing career, he had overwhelmed many people by the late-aughts.

Many athletes are known for being selfish. Woods was known for having an acute sense of entitlement. This was revealed in texts that where leaked. He became a winner since he expected to become one. He saw in his mind that he was the most fit and deserving winner.

He went through the public fire; shaming, unimaginable public scale. He was the kind of person who toiled for his success; but this was no more, he had his life filled with confusion which is the reason he declined in his performances.