Three time champion unmoved

Three time champion unmoved

The three time champion jockey Ryan Moore, although very shy in front of the cameras, got his own radio station show “Ryan Moore Special” on BBC Radio 5. They are saying that the 32-year-old jockey receives a little less publicity than he deserves due to the outstanding riding skills that he possesses. The world should know a lot more about Ryan Moore, the three-time champion.

He gets the attention he needs in his born country the Great Britain that he is with no doubt the best jockey in the world, but yet to be seen by the world itself.

In the international scene last year and a half he has won the first price in Europe, Dubai, USA Canada Hong Kong and Japan, which is just a prove to his quality, and showing all of us how outstanding of a rider he is. He lifted trophies and trophies, but in the last year, that has 2014, he has done something that someone has never done before, that made him more than anyone expected. He had moved things to an even greater extent with the Aussies, lifting their premier Grade One race, the Cox Plate and Australia’s greatest prize the Melbourne Cup.

He has been a jockey champion in the 2006, 2008 and 2009, something that no British jockey has ever achieved. Red Cadeaux failed to do it for the third time in 2014. He has been single minded, ice-cold and a good horse commander, and the list of what makes him special can go on and on.

His family members are the support that any athlete would need in his journey to the top. His Parents Gary and Jayne, together with his brothers who all of them are jockeys, Jamie, Hayley and Josh, have been there in all his competitions, serving him the support that he needed to win the races, and the morale that every player and jockey needs. While he is good with keeping the relations with his family good and solid, the cameras and the media are his weakest side, and he is shy in front of them.

The media and the journalists are thinking that he is hiding anything from them and the world, that’s why he is so closed inside a hard wall of shame.

His brother Jamie Moore, who is trained by their father Gary Moore, commented that Ryan can have the whole world hate him, but still would be the best, that’s the amount of carelessness he possesses, and that’s why his results are always good and getting better and better. He doesn’t care what the media or what the people think, and that’s the good sign of him. In other words he doesn’t want to be a celebrity.

It’s been the best year and season so far in Ryan’s life, with certainly more and better ones to come. It’s up to us to sit and enjoy the show that he has made for us.