Three Star Fortune Casino Game Review

Three Star Fortune Casino Game Review

Three Star Fortune Casino game is developed by the Pragmatic makers with the help of the NetEnt to complete the functions and features of the slot. It is scheduled to release in the market in June 2020 to get the attraction of the gamblers of the casino. Three Star Fortune will be great for the lovers of casino and they will get basic information regarding the reels, pay-lines, betting range, symbols as well as the free games with the addition of the multipliers from the manufacturers of the slot.

Most of the graphics in the area of the games showed the culture of Asia due to the presence of the Chinese options in the slot. It is a wonderful slot on this day to compete for the other with the best facility of online gambling throughout the entire world. Online Betting for the Three Star Fortune would be fruitful to maintain the level of users.

Functions in the Slot

If we look inside the slot functions then we will find only 5 reels and 10 pay-lines covered by the games to pay more than one way to the gamblers of the casino. The presence of the expanding wilds and the re-spins completed the entire work of all the symbols to show the high-level symbol for the first time. While on the other hand, the Return to Player is of only 96% which is just an evaluable amount with the payout among the option of the multipliers and stacks also.

Betting Range and Payout

The wager wanted to know the range of betting to open the functions of the games as it is started from only $0.10 to $100 which is an accurate amount for the lovers of the casino to take out the maximum reward at the final of the play. While on the other hand, the huge jackpot in the form of a prize of 5000x will be waiting for our casino people. The Return to Player of 96% is the additional amount with the symbols of wilds, scattered and re-spins option to provide more benefits than the fixed features in the slot. The newbies must know the working of the game before to belt the seat of the casino at casino stations.

How to Play Three Star Fortune Casino Slot?

As we told at the start of the content there is not anything special in this slot and all the working is the same as you used in the Starburst casino slot in the past. You have to put the wilds symbols on the center of the reels in the form of expanding wilds on all the various reels and columns as per the instructions of the game. After covering all the reels from wilds symbols, you will get the re-spins and trigger option without paying any coin to the makers of the slot.

All the extra wild symbols must befall on the reels of the middle. You can get more free spins than the previous numbers and trigger functions also to enhance the wilds up to the 3 times. After filling all the reels of 10, you will be paid a prize which is up to the 20 from all the sides. Online working on casino games is not easy rather than offline. We always tried to give you a comprehensive detail of games.

The Theme of the Three Star Fortune

The theme of the game is based on the Chinese culture and we have been worked on these kinds of themes many times in the past with different techniques.  The presence of the graphics, icons, flowers, bottles, and ingots made it very charming from outside to attract the users of casinos. The main role in this slot is the wilds symbols but you have to put these into the center of the reels to get the required results.


You will not find a single option and symbol as unique but it is a good product for the Asian peoples to enjoy it. This slot is compared with the Starburst but we failed to get anything new in it. Do not use high betting to play it for a high price. Newbies must stay away from these kinds of games.