Three Gems Adjacent Casino Game Review

Three Gems Adjacent Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Three Gems Adjacent Casino Game Review

Three Gems Adjacent Casino Slot game designed by the Booongo scheduled to release in Feb 2020 for all the casino market. The slot relied on the classic features but also added new features in the slot to gain the users from the other well-known casino games in the industry. The review of the Three Gems Adjacent consisted of the reels, pay-lines, betting range, free spins, no deposit, multipliers, and free rounds to give the basic instructions to the gamblers of the casino.

Three Gems Adjacent slots can be played through the smartphone but you must know the applications and software which is required to run the casino game on it. Online betting got more importance instead of casino stations in the world.

Functions in the Slot

The makers of the slot decided to add 5 reels and just 10 lines of pay in the slot to give the reward of the $250,000 which is the best amount to overcome the other casino games in the market. Whereas, the pairs and combinations included with the hidden prizes for the users of the casino can make them happy. Scatter symbols in the game caused to increase the payout.

Betting Range and Payout

You can see the button of the betting range on the slot screen at the bottom of the game which is ranged from the $0.20 to the $100 showed the betting amount for the gameplay. It is per spins and line also. This slot favored both the gamblers of high profile and newbies also. While, on the other hand, 2,5000x payout will wait for the gambler if he played well throughout the game. Symbols of scatters, cascading and wilds are the bonus here for the users.

How to Play

Here are the 2 symbols and features in the slot which covered all the gameplay for the players of the casino that are the presence of the Three Gems and the scatters to draw the huge prize from the makers of the slot. Regular symbols made combinations and pairs with these 2 interesting options in the slot. Free multipliers and free round with the spins can also gain from it.

The Adjacent sign of symbol focused on the 3 same types of the symbols in the slot to find the places of it. No problem, the place of the symbol, you can find these anywhere in the area of the slot. But, you must be paid for this action.

The symbols of scattering with the picture of the Star paid more there as showed. But, for this, you needed to 3 reels to set the positions for high payout up to the 50x stacks to catch all the scattered 5 at the same place.

Online Betting for the Three Gems is too easy rather than to play it physically in the stations of the casino. The betting range for the slot is not a matter for all kinds of gamblers because of the flexible amount settled by the makers of the game.

To get the best method to run the slots of the casino, play the slot game of low bet amount and no deposit kinds. We only give you the basic information of the slot to provide some relief before the gameplay. You can get more here by keeping in touch with us.


The developers of the slot tried to add the required options in the slot but the classic features and theme would be the problems for them. Experts said that that they failed to learn from the past of the casino game s which failed in the market of the casino. Purple, Blue, orange and green symbols are the hope for the payers of the casino. The presence of the Bells, Lucky 7s and bar logos made the slot very charming with the theme beauty.


The slot is of fruit type and would amuse the players of a usual kind but the experienced player will stay away from it due to the functions in the Three Gems Adjacent. The designer of the slot must rethink about the functions and features of their products.

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