Thor’s Lightning slot machine

Thor’s Lightning slot machine

The God of Thunder is ready for battle and invites you along on an incredible and rewarding adventure in Red Tiger Gaming’s Norse-mythology themed Thor’s Lightning slot. When lightning strikes in this 7×7 symbol drop reels game, big wins are possible! You’ll find there are plenty of features up this video slot’s sleeve!

Visually, Thor’s Lightning will take you to a wintery landscape where snow falls behind the stone reels that disappear and fall down like an avalanche instead of traditional spinning reels, each time the game is played. To create a winning combination, you’ll need to land 5 symbols or more.

On the 7X7 reel grid you’ll see a variety of symbols, among these include runes, Yggdrasil, and Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir. The hammer will payout 25x your stake if you manage to land 40 of them.

There are two exciting features that can randomly occur on any spin. The first of these is the Lightning Strikes feature. If this feature activates on a spin, Thor will summon a lightning strike, which will either remove all lower value symbols or will turn a random selection of symbols into all the same symbol, meaning a section of symbols could become all wild!

There is also the Hammer Strike feature, which also occurs at random on any spin. Thor will throw his hammer which could nudge a symbol or remove it, leading to new possible winning combinations.

Thor’s Lightning also has two free spins features which can be triggered. Either one can be activated when you unlock the 9-symbol free spins block in the centre of the game’s reels. To do this, you’ll need to land a winning combo adjacent to the 9-symbol free spins block to unlock the corresponding block. Triggering free spins will require you to unlock all the blocks in the same set of symbol sequences. Once activated, you’ll enter one of these free spins features:

Valhalla Free Spins feature – The reels will consist of only blanks and golden shield symbols. Once all free spins are completed, the shields on the reels will flip around to reveal a stake multiplier. All these multipliers will be added together to give you a total payout amount.

Muspell Free Spins feature – A new set of reels activates and all lower value symbols will be removed. Symbols will drop into play and when the Lava Shower feature occurs (it will do so at random) it will destroy 1 type of symbol for a free re-spin. Even better, the Lava Flow feature will create identical symbols on connected reels for guaranteed wins.

Ready for lightning to crash into big wins?