Things have changed in Football in the past eight years

Things have changed in Football in the past eight years

Football is being the most popular game all over the world. Unlike the earlier days people from every part of the world has started to follow football. Those who are following football since earlier days would know how football has changed from the previous days.

Generally every team will give its best and fight for the win but at the end of the game one team will be in the winning side and other team will be leaving the place. Once upon a time, many teams have shown their possession over football but today those teams are not having such possession in the game.

Many other teams have started to defeat them and show better performance than the possessed teams. This has changed the complete thing in football. If you look back to 2008, you can see how football was possessed by several teams. But today you can see the confirmation of the death of possession.

So many teams like Leicester, Italy and Atletico Madrid etc have lost their reputation in the game. When these teams are in the ground, the opponent team can confirm their defeat. But things have changed. Today they are not able to win any game as they did once.

As everyone known Portugal has won the Euro championship recently and this is the great example for the change in the football game. There was a time in which Barcelona dominated the football game and won many matches against number of teams. Similarly Spain was also a powerful team which possessed the game in the international level. The team has won European championships as well as World cup.

In the past European tournament, they were defeated by 2-0 by Italy. On the other side Barcelona fought very much to redefine the team’s identity. But Spain was not able to do that. Similar to Spain, England has also lost the tournament and they were humiliated by Iceland.

Roy Hodgson was very much disgraced for the poor squad selection. Everyone has condemned the way Roy Hodgson selected the team and handled them. However, the team has been eliminated and even the tournament has been completed.

The mistakes made by the managers and the players have made the team to lost the game and face the consequences. Most of the teams have gone out because of these kinds of mistakes. Many footballers have understood that possession can longer help them in winning the game.

The statistics of football has shown that the game has completed changed in the past 8 years. Everyone can see many teams have come forward and they are showing exceptional performance in the football game and defeat all the other teams which have possession over the game earlier.