The Wild Hatter Casino Game Review

The Wild Hatter Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
The Wild Hater Casino Game Review

The Wild Hatter Casino Game of Red Tiger Company is scheduled to release in March 2020. The features of the Mad Hatter is the main role in the entire gameplay of the Wild Hatter for the players of the casino. The tale of the game showed the original novel with the required functions and features in it. The Review of the of Wild Hatter Casino game consisted of the reels, betting range, pay-lines, multipliers, stacks and free rounds with the extra free spins will give you all the basic detail of the game. Here are the main functions and features of the slot.

The Wild Hatter Casino game can be played with the help of the smartphone but you must install the required software and application to run the game on a cell phone. Online Betting is the best choice to enjoy the slots at home rather than go outside and to waste precious time.


There are 5 reels and 30 pay lines in the slot with the mega jackpot of 3,333x which showed the volatility of the casino game in front of the casino players. The presence of the regular features and symbols with the Progressive Jackpot changed the scenario of the game from the latest casino slot in the market of the same makers. Wild Hatters, free spins and multipliers would help the user to earn more and more by paying little to the of the casino. Here is the range for betting and payout for the gambler.

Betting Range and Payout

A wager can do bet from the lower amount of $0.10 to the maximum of the $60 to gain the lines for playing the game with the symbols. Some of the functions and features are the same as in the Red Tiger casino game. While on the other hand, the payout of 3,333x is interesting which is equal to the $200,000 and the RTP of 92% which is very low due to the presence of the Progressive Jackpot in the gameplay. The Jackpots of all types like the hourly, mega and daily contributed well in the final amount of the player.

How to Play

This slot made after impressing from the novel of the Mad Hatter and title changed into the Wild Hatter from the makers of the game. Wild Hater will act as an alternate for the players to make the extra combination for winning the cash from the makers of the game.

Scatters and wild symbols in the entire casino slot are the best keys to get the mega jackpot and free spins with the additional multipliers from the reels but for this, you have to be careful.

The landing of the wilds symbols on the reels will give you the free re-spins to get the multipliers and re-spin again from the features. Wild symbols and free symbols can lock the functions of the to gain the last reward from the developers of the game. Online Betting for the Wild Hatter would be more fruitful than to play it offline in all the casino stations of the world like the USA, England, and Australia. Here is the detail of the theme and final comments of the slot.


The theme of the game is based on the Adventures of the Alice’s and the Mad Hatter role which changed into the wild after some time of gameplay. The 2nd best features in the slot are the location o the Cheshire Cat which is used to make the pairs on the given reels. Five Royals and the design of the Red Tiger shape made the theme very inspired in the market of the casino.


There are 2 main roles in the slot of Wild Hatter which handled by the Wild Hatter. No doubt, the area of the game is not too big but the wilds symbols have done all the work which could be done by the others in the casino game. The Return to Players and Progressive Jackpot lifted the game very up from the other games in the market.

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