The Vault Casino Game Review

The Vault Casino Game Review

The Vault Casino game is the latest product of Microgaming to compete for the market of casinos in the entire world. It is full of fun and excitement for the first time along with the best functions and features in it. The Vault game is associated with the reels, pay-lines, multipliers, symbols, and payout which are the real things in any game. The tale of the story revolved around a diamond that could be snatched Parisian after doing well in the slot.

The Vault slot can be played online due to the easy way at home rather come out from home. Online Betting is a powerful source to earn in a short time without disturbing the daily routine. Here are the functions of the slot.

Functions in the Slot

If a gambler wanted to get the diamond by doing their best effort, he has 5 reels and 20 pay-lines to cover the area of the game. It has high volatility and potential which is the best thing for the users of the casino. The regular symbols, Wilds, scatters and others played a huge role in all the working of the game. There are some re-spins, multipliers, and stacks which added more suspense for the lover of the casino. Here is the range of betting and payout which is settled by the makers of the game.

Betting Range and Payout

The betting range for the slot of the Vault is not a big worry for the players of the casino because it is very low for the newbies and big for the experts of the casino. The wise player always picked the right amount before to unlock the functions of the slot. The makers fixed the range of betting amount which is started from only $0.20 to the $20 and it is reachable for all the users of casino. While on the other hand, the maximum payout which will be drawn by the players is up to the $100,000. Here is the method to play the game to get the mega jackpot.

How to Play The Vault Casino Game?

At the start of the play, the stacked symbol is the only symbol that is responsible to make the combinations and pairs for the player after remaining active on the reels which are present to help the users. It can also be used to make the pairs and fulfill the requirement of the jackpot. There is not an option for the progressive jackpot which is the best sign to get more in the absence of it. After making the combo, you must be paid up to the 100x which is a glorious effort by the gambler.

The 2nd option is made for the player to get the trigger options to release the free games and free spins. The reels of the game would be an impact to make the required numbers after settling the symbols. If you picked the trigger one time, then these will come to you automatically all the time. The method to play the vaulted game is no big deal for the experts of the casino but the newbies must away from it. Here is the detailed information about the theme with accurate functions. This game is very suitable to play online rather than offline.

The theme of the Vault Slot

The theme of the game picked very well by the developers and all the features in it are very common for the users and the presence of heist also. It has consisted of the unwell symbols, boring layout and design and nothing are important in all the areas of the game. The location of diamonds and gemstone is required to obtain after playing good with the reels to make the combinations. A couple of good features and mega bonuses are the only things that can get some traffic to boost the value of the game.


Due to the presence of the fine volatility, features, mega jackpot, design and interesting RTP amount with the payout enhanced the quality of the game and the theme also. If you know the functions and working of the game, then no one can stop you to earn maximum.