The usage of drugs in horse racing that causes serious troubles

The usage of drugs in horse racing that causes serious troubles

Horse racing is one of the oldest gambling forms which are always fresh till date. The familiarity of horse racing is spreading from country to country. Horse racing industry is still high and on the rise as there are many followers for it. The supporters love it to the core despite the money they lose in racing.

The use of drugs in racing is really a hot and most topics that are under discussion from back years ago. Still there are many concerns about drugs in horse racing but the seriousness of drugs in horse racing is totally ignored.
Drugs in horse racing are bigger problem as it increases the performance of the horse to win the race with top speed. The anabolic steroid boosters are used in horse racing so that the horses that use steroids are on top speed on the race without lagging in performance.

Cobalt chloride is another drug that is used to deal with the performance of the horse on the field. When the horse is infused with cobalt chloride then the horse will not become tired in advancing. The main need for the horse to win the race is to advance better than other horses in the race with racing speed which is done through cobalt chloride.

The next drug used in horse racing industry for horses in therapeutic medications that is to lessen the pain, inflammation and any other problems for the horses. When the horse is in the race the horse should not suffer from inflammations and pain which will decrease the performance on the race and slow down to lose the race.
The condition of the horse is more important but the use of therapeutic medications has various regulations in the racing world. The owners of the horse allow the riders to infuse drugs to increase the performance of the horse which is not legal at any case. Though the owners and the company reject this as false report they still use drugs to the horses to increase the performance to peak level.

The problem is the medications are not provided ethically but if it is used ethically then it is good for the welfare of the horses. Those who use medications ethically provide it with responsibility inorder to heal the horse from various sicknesses. The fact is they have to follow the regulations of the racing industry and it shows their integrity.

Earning profits in racing is not the only matter of concern, the welfare of the horse the money paid in the bet is also matters. Over use of medications is the problem in the racing industry whereas using therapeutic medications is acceptable if they follow standards and regulations.

Drug usage and medications should be of standard set by the horse racing industry. If they use within the allowed limits it is ethical otherwise it is unethical.