The Spanish basketball

The Spanish basketball

The Spanish basketball team outside the Eurobasket 2017

What he began as a pressure measurement has finished taking shape in the most unexpected moment. Remember that last April 4 in our domestic context, the general assembly of the ACB voted by a majority (14 votes in favor and 3 abstentions, with the absence of ICL Manresa ) accept proposed by the agreement Euroleague until the season 2019-2020 and align well with the side led by tournament Jordi Bertomeu .

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The assembly, yes, played with some ambiguity, leaving open to cooperation with the door Champions League , admitting the free participation of other Spanish clubs in the competition FIBA (idea, as revealed Vozpópuli , had attracted interest from teams like Bilbao Basket or UCAM Murcia ). But this does not seem to have been enough to stop the European body in including our basketball among nations scab.

Fear, short – term affects what will happen in a few months in Rio de Janeiro , as the letter to the different federations refers to “the loss of rights to participate in the men ‘s senior national team competitions.” Do we really imperiled the Olympics for the fourteen countries mentioned? Will you keep the FIBA a pulse after this measure on a large scale, like a suicide for their championship teams? Or will all bravado with a later amendment? In this war story still has many chapters remain.

The Spanish basketball team will not play the next Eurobasket 2017 and could stay outside the Rio Olympics that will take place this summer. The Spanish Basketball Federation has received notification of the sanction of the FIBA via letter. It states that the reason is that the federation “supports illegal practices by allowing Euroleague agreements with their leagues and clubs”

The document sent by the FIBA read: “Any national federation to support practices illegal links with the Euroleague allowing their leagues or clubs implement agreements with it will automatically lose the right to participate in national team competitions organized by FIBA Europe ” .

They also have been sanctioned Greece, Italy, Russia, Turkey and the sets of the former Yugoslavia . The reason is to have allowed their leagues or clubs to sign agreements to play the Eurocup .

FIBA Europe accuses the Spanish federation, which also offered the opportunity to make representations within a period ending on Wednesday the 20th, “to support or participate in unsportsmanlike practices that are contrary to the rules of competition and the principles of FIBA ​​and FIBA Europe. “

A copy of the letter sent to the Spanish basketball federation was also sent to FIBA, the body “competent to take the necessary decisions regarding world events”.