The skilled basketball player Jonathon Mills was shot dead at Chicago

The skilled basketball player Jonathon Mills was shot dead at Chicago

Jonathan Mills is considered as the one of the best player from Chicago by his coach and other players. He is best in High School tournaments and for him basketball is most important as he considered it all the time said his High School basketball coach. It is sad that he is no more and this incident has shaken the state.

He is a talented basketball player with extra ordinary skills who may not have caliber for NBA the professional basketball but he is good at what he was doing. He is straight forwarded about basketball and has been a finest player. He has wide experience in playing basketball overseas in the courts of US, Canada and other countries also.
He is very sincere in his practice that he utilized every chance has had got for practicing basketball. He was planning for afternoon practice at School’s gym and about to meet his coach on Monday.

When he was approaching from corner store a car came there from which someone shot at him that several bullets hit Jonathan. He was in his basketball sleeves, shoes and shorts and he was fell on the ground where he lost his breathe.

Jonathan was seeing different dimension about his basketball career that he was planning for the international career but he could not do it anymore. Thorpe his coach says that he is sincere in taking coaching and attending the practice session and Thorpe was about to meet him in the practice session in the same afternoon at School’s gym.
Mills played for Canada and also for Chicago and also for a team to play in Midwest Basket ball league. Thorpe his coach added that he is the finest player ever from North Lawndale and one of the extremely talented he met in his coaching career.

The series of gunshots at Chicago makes the residents to feel distressed that they have to wake up every morning thinking about the gunshot and death of any person that may happen anytime in their place. They hear several gunshots and feeling so stressed that they have to come to know whether the person is dead or alive after the gunshot.

Gun violence is too serious there and this is not a good sign as the death rate due to gun fire is increasing. Jonathon is finding way out for his career but though he could standout with skills and talents he could not do it that he is no more alive.

The state officials and Police forces say that they are finding the best solution for this but still it is in the hands of the person who takes such activities in hand. It costs life not just race that kills innocents for no reason.