The sculptor Javier

The sculptor Javier

The sculptor Javier Fernandez

Brian Orser, coach, is “like a father” to the world champion ice skating. The Canadian lives with her boyfriend in the gay district of Toronto and no waiting list to enter your school

Ice is like diamond. geometric crystal buildups. And the best carver human diamonds on the ice works in Toronto. Talent behind the double world champion figure skater Javier Fernandez Madrid, is Brian Orser, hero of the white sport in Canada and the coach requested. To the extent that prepares both Fernandez and his great rival, the Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu.

In the last decade, Orser, 54, and his team of coaches have become the Cricket, Skating & Curling Club of Toronto at the epicenter of world skating. An achievement in a city that has ten times more ice rinks that all Spain, where there are only 10 approved. “I do not know if it’s the best, but it clearly has the best multidisciplinary team,” summarizes Peter Lamelas, director of the magazine ‘Ice Spanish’. Good friend Javier Fernandez, Lamelas skater knows that Madrid was about to be lost. He had so much talent, so he went around the first one, at age 17, he won “the laziness of genius.”


A bird on the track. Among the brands of Brian Orser he noted that was the first to make a triple pirouette (triple axel) in the Olympics. In his last 48 professional contests he never got out of second place.

Life privada.Tuvo to manage the revelation of his homosexuality to not interfere with his career as a skater and coach.

The ‘spine’ global olímpica.Campeón (1987) and Olympic silver medalist (1984 and 1988), lost the title in Calgary 88 by the shortest distance: 10 cents.

That white blackbird impossible in a country with just 400 federated (180,000 in Canada) saw no future to their capabilities. He was saved by Nikolai Morozov Russian coach who offered him free in 2010 to train at his school in New York. There he began to realize what was working seriously and appreciate the efforts of their parents. Especially his father, a soldier who was engaged to ride kitchens in times out of service for pay costumes, skates or competition program never leaves $ 10,000 to present a dance steps and options.

A year later, the Spanish federation canvassed twice Olympic medalist Brian Orser, myth in his country and had managed to put together a great team at a club in Toronto. The decision was not influenced by the controversy that had suffered the coach, who was fired after a bitter confrontation with Korean Kim Yu-Na, after making winning Olympic gold in 2010. Technical and empatizaron ward immediately. “Brian is like a father insists Pedro Lamelas-. The key word is right.