The Russian national

The Russian national

The Russian national team won the Federation Cup again

Maria Sharapova brought the Russian team in the final two points, but the efforts of the fourth racket of the world were not enough for the final success of the visiting team.

They could not, failed, and suffocated at the O2. In the doubles match, before which the chances of the Russian team assessed above. Strytsova pliskova and played in a duo for the first time, unlike Vesnina and Pavlyuchenkova. But those same domestic platform, which is considered to be one of the decisive factors in the Davis Cup and the Federation, such was this time. And, of course, crazy Czech national team, which is a strong team cohesion over the last few years.

Sharapova made her work a hundred percent. Of course, the match against Petra Maria became the highlight of the finals of the Federation Cup. Old scores and new nerves. Nearly three o’clock total madness on the court and in the stands. The first racket of Russia once again make the most of the key points that have emerged from it in the second game, the first – Kvitova superior Sharapova in speed. And then all decided to physics: Peter sat down, Maria put the squeeze – 3: 6, 6: 4, 6: 2.

Pavlyuchenkova was the weak link, losing all three matches. But I think that the meeting against Kvitova and pliskova already comes in the top 10, will be for Anastasia good food for thought and further work on the background of the desire to fight for the top ten next year. But over the next few days, Pavlyuchenkova will be harder than anyone else, psychologically. He started for the health – the first party against Peter – but then it was, alas, in descending order. And yet, throw a stone in the garden of Anastasia and Elena can not only because without them the victory over German women in the final match in Sochi Prague no trace of it had not been.

Hero of the finals will certainly become pliskova Carolina. She, unlike Anastasia coped with nerves. She had no right to make mistakes in any single game or in pairs. And she did not allow this mistake. So coolly pliskova Serve as accurately sent balls into the goal. Even in a match against Maria she was not just serving a room, and looked very dignified. As for the pair, the Czech tennis player just caught courage spectators, which has been unstoppable.

The question is, why was not able to help this team Svetlana Kuznetsova, is a series of guesses. Anastasia Myskina at the press conference said that the Russian team played a strong staff and she is proud of her girls: “They fought and gave it without a trace. This tennis, win one today and tomorrow – more. And following a meeting with Czech woman is on the platform.

This Myskina opened a little secret, saying that in the first match of the Federation Cup 2016 Russian national team will play a non-core staff. Olympic season casts a team tournament for the second or even a third plan.