The result of the great

The result of the great

The result of the great embarrassing team in basketball

Here is the most important news about the warriors who are the great players in basketball who joined together as a team in the basketball. Here is an embarrassing match who made this team to face great loss and it is the match which is also called as a demoralizing one. It is the match where the players all came to the finishing line and they were ready to celebrate the season’s great worth of their work in the place of Oakland. After that the great oracle’s cursed the halt of the catharsis. The other great player faced a knee injury and he is the player who is named as Andrew bogut. This injury disappointed the total team and also the total fans for their team.

Words of Stephen curry

About this great loss, the other important player who is named as the Stephen curry also gave comments to the public and he said that he was amazed by seeing at the performance of their opponent. He also said he was struck with shock when he compared the old matches of these players and now he thinks that they have improved to a very greater extent in this field. This word of Stephen curry is accepted by all his team and he is also very much worried as they have faced a great loss.

Unexpected loss

The series assumed as their series and till the end the winning chances was found to be very much great to this team, but unfortunately at the end of the match, there was a great shocking result and it is the loss which is faced by the warriors. In their speech they did not mention the team and the name of the team.

Impossible moves

In the series there were many impossible moves and the people thought that the great player of the warriors who is named as the Kyrie did the great impossible thing which he has ever done. So, this created much disappointment to the players in the team and also for the total fans. The critics commented that the opponents great defense was like a fire and it destroyed the plans made by the warriors and there are also many other impossible moves which are thought to be highly unexpected by the players and also the fans.

Warriors can do their best

All the critics and also the fans suggested that the warriors still have more chance to come out in their next series and the representative of the golden warriors has announced that they are doing much practice and they are trying to compensate their loss. This is not only the expectation of the players and the fans are also expecting that their players will do better than the other matches. Critics say that the expectation is increasing every day and the warriors must be highly capable to do their task successfully without giving any disappointments to their fans.