The Queen of England

The Queen of England

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Horse Racing

The Queen of England gave the actor Damian Lewis a council at Ascot races that earned him a lot of money

The British royal family is closely linked to the world of horse racing. However, the person who knows more this world is Queen Elizabeth II. She is an expert in racing and betting during these events.

The Queen of England is passionate about the world of horse racing. Over the years it has become an expert. So much so that occasionally you share your knowledge with others and tells them the copy to bet on .

This is the case of Damian Lewis. The actor of the hit series ‘Homeland’ explained Isabel II gave him a tip for one of the races at Ascot . The latter is one of the oldest racecourses where more than 25 annual races with thoroughbreds are held.

This ‘exchange of information’ occurred three years ago when Queen received the Bafta in Windsor Castle. During the ceremony, British actor asked for a tip for the ” Grand National “, one of the most important races held in the UK.

However, the queen replied that for that event was still a long time, adding that what was needed first advice for the “Royal Ascot”. Some time later, Lewis received the advice of Isabel II which came with a royal seal .

When the moment of the race came, the London decided to bet on the horse that had recommended the Queen, earning a considerable amount of money. That is why so he is very grateful because since it won “enough to buy groceries for a week .”

This episode of ‘real bets’ has been known for the 40th anniversary Prince’s Trust’s , a charity event in the UK to help young people. The queen and her son coincided with Lewis and his wife to be the last ambassadors of the foundation.

It was at that moment when the actor took the opportunity to thank Elizabeth II for his wise advice about the world of racing. Knowledge not fail to benefit as the queen does not make bets.

The April 21 Elizabeth II turns 90 . This is a very special day for a large majority of British, however, did not take place any celebration officially.

However, the country chains like BBC or ITV have decided to commemorate the Queen during those days through a report that includes interviews with different members of the royal family in which they will talk about it.

Kate Middleton will be one of the people who appear in this report. It is a new data since the Duchess of Cambridge did not grant an interview to television from her engagement to Prince William.

The official celebration will be in June

Official acts have been convened to celebrate the birthday of Elizabeth II, will take place in June. One of them is the ” Patron’s Luch “, a lunch held from Buckingham Palace to Green Park.

They will bring 10,000 guests who will have to pay almost 200 euros to enjoy a meal along the mall near the palace and a parade. Most tickets have been allocated to charities related to the queen.

Another event that will place on the occasion of the birthday of Queen will the military parade ” Trooping The Colour “. Isabel II and some members of his family move from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards. Later they appear on the balcony to greet the thousands of Brits who come to see them.

In addition, celebrations will also feature 12 to May 15 in Windsor Great Park.

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