The poker revisited on the plateau of not Touch to My position for the Friday 13!

The poker revisited on the plateau of not Touch to My position for the Friday 13!

This year, the 13th day of the month of January fell on a Friday. And as this day is associated with a whole bunch of superstitions in most of the countries of the globe, the casino players are seen to offer many reload bonus, bonus cash-back and other free spins on the casinos in which they have their habits.

However, there is not that the online casinos that have chosen to celebrate the Day of Friday 13 January 2017! On the plateau of the emission not touch to my post broadcast on C8 and presented by the hellion Cyril Hanouna, they have also benefited from the superstitious virtues of Friday 13 to organize a great game with all the chroniclers of the show and do win of sumptuous gifts to a person the public! The purpose? Reach form a combination of poker with the cards won. Then this Friday 13 a-t-it was favorable to this fan of the show? This is the time to discover!

Paranormal, bluff and poker stroke on the plateau of not Touch to My Post!

If the emission not Touch to My position is often pointing of the finger and criticized, we must acknowledge that the game that has been organized in this Friday 13 January was really well found! By mixing the paranormal, bluff, poker and gifts of madness, teams were certain to make a cardboard with this game.

After a quick draw to determine what person of the public will play to the side of Cyril and its columnists, in this case a young girl named Tanya, the game begins. In turn, the 8 columnists present around the table must tell a paranormal experience which is their arrival, only… These have quite the right to lie in telling their story.

Tanya therefore had to guess if the stories told by the chroniclers were true or invented of all parts, where the name of the game “The BluBluff”!

Beginner’s luck still has struck in this Friday 13 January!

Each time that Tanya was able to unmask a columnist, she won a card. In the long term, this last should reach to form a combination of poker to be able to win one of the prizes. Knowing that each hand of poker corresponded to a price.

For example, in forming a pair (the lowest hand), Tanya could win a selfie with a columnist, for a suite, she had the right to a shelf, for a color to a screen-flat, for a square, a surprise weekend in Europe and, finally, for a Straight Flush (the highest hand), Tanya could win all the gifts put in game.

The young woman is rather output very well in reaching untangle the true from the false between stories frivolous of columnists. His flair allowed her to gather a maximum of maps and his chance to fall on the most interesting. Thanks to this, Tanya has managed to make a full and has therefore won… A magnificent shows Connected! Like what, on Friday, 13 is not always synonymous with misfortune!