The Phoenix Sun slot available as a free version

The Phoenix Sun slot available as a free version

The Quickspin developer is full of surprises. Always inclined to offer innovative game play, he recently released Wins of Fortune, which allows to chain the re-spins to increase the size of the rollers. To stay in this kind of games, we have added a new free slot: Phoenix Sun.

Push to the 7,776 lines

The Phoenix Sun slot machine starts you with a structure of 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 paylines, knowing that your goal will be to chain the bonuses to reach 5 reels, 6 rows and no less than 7,776 paylines.

To achieve this performance, it will be enough to chain sufficient re-spins and / or to access the free spins of the game. Two types of wilds exist and one of them allows to launch the re-spins. This is the case of the Phoenix Wild which has the ability to release three new boxes when it appears (photo).When the phoenix wild appears and launches three new boxes, it also allows a free re-spin. You will be entitled to as many re-spins as possible if you find a new wild phoenix each time. It is therefore possible, with great chance, to release all the upper boxes to access the max potential of the slot.

If you can find 5 phoenix symbols, you will not even have to deliver all the upper boxes because you will be able to access the free spins directly during which the machine takes its full scale with a structure of 5×6 (instead of 5×3 initially). That’s when the number of winning lines goes up to 7,776.

This game system is interesting because it makes players want to launch spins until they release this grail and the tons of paylines. You can find a free version of Phoenix Sun here and a real silver version including Wild Sultan and Tropezia. Phoenix Sun is playable on PC version and on smartphone/tablet.