The online casino can be a pleasant and safe experience

The online casino can be a pleasant and safe experience

In the history of the game in Spain, Marc Fontbona writes roulette, poker, craps, mountain, bingo, half past seven, backgammon, mus, slot machines and sports betting on races horses or on the tennis pelota, through the lottery and football pools are some of the gambling practiced more frequently in this country despite bans, over the centuries, which have not prevented people of all conditions meet to play and make bets in this century or access online casinos.

A Gambling: games in the Palais Royal

A sample of the overlap between game and society is accustomed to wish each other luck in farewells, or attributed to good or bad luck some events of our lives. It is also said that whoever rejects the unsubtle game is appreciating more money than any pleasure that life can offer. But it is also true that without gambling, mathematicians Renaissance and Baroque had not formulated the theory of probability.

The earliest evidence related to gambling are linked to those given in civilizations that have left traces in Iran and Egypt, was deeply rooted in Roman life, and in Spain began to catch momentum with the Arabs in al-Andalus, thanks a tolerance that was not shared in other Muslim territories. In fact, the random word comes from the Arabic “Az-Zahr” meaning “given”.

By spreading knowledge of probability, there were players who could gain advantage in private matches or tournaments of cards, combining these data with other practice psychology, as has been widely documented in the film, but the system games counterpart It is to give the banks a slight edge to favor the house.

Roulette, casino game par excellence, has a background in a game of chance called Auca. The first documented casino dates from 1638, and it continues to be active in the Grand Canal and is known by the name of CasinĂ² di Venezia.

European capitals and centers of elite tourism were allowing casinos restricted access, which were popularizing decade to decade, reaching Internet, where, if what you want is to feel the feel of the game outside the atmosphere more or less sophisticated of existing casinos, you can get admission without cumbersome process if you have more than 18 years and responsible gambling rules governing net casinos are accepted.

It is the case of online casino jackpot bet online , which you can access a wide selection of casino games online in Spanish, including blackjack, roulette or baccarat, in a secure environment and practice of responsible gaming, in taking measures to ensure that minors can access.

To assist in the practice of responsible gaming, jackpot bet online, in addition to protecting minors, informs players about the possible harmful effects of gambling and explain that the first thing you should do is examine honestly personal reasons to play and how the game can affect the day-to-day and family, establishing the precise boundaries. If we fulfill these requirements the online casino experience can be enjoyable and safe.