The New Stadium

The New Stadium

The New Stadium of Minnesota will be a work of art

Adding a glass on top of the stadium may not have been a smart thing to do in the Vikings’ news stadium. The Minnesota team is constructing a new stadium that will be prevention from birds and their waste to land on the grass and on the audience, but may slow down the construction for as much as six months, adding on top to the cost expenses of $60 million – in addition to what they have already planned.

The Minnesota Vikings sports facilities authority manages Michele KelmHelgen said on Friday that these are the estimated costs and time consuming calculations that her team stuff did before announcing the final results on Friday. She together with her stuff are aware that the migratory birds will have one less sport to rest in their travels that they are doing twice a year, and that may be a problem for them. The birds are looking for a green area to land and chill a bit before continuing their long flight south and back when the season is over. On top of that, it could cost the Minnesota Vikings something around $60 million, or as she said from$25 million to much more than $60 million, but that should be the final cost, when you look at how many people are working, the subcontractor plus four to six months of work.

There is an optional glass that’s friendly for the birds and could cost less because it is with rotation windows and allows air and birds to go inside, but it can be done for more than 25 weeks and that is another season for the Minnesota Vikings outside of their own stadium. That is around $10 million for the NFL for renting the current stadium that they are playing at, and that money may not come from tickets and game winners according to KelmHelgen.

There is a possibility that the new stadium will continue to be constructed as it has been previously planned and not one of the changes that they are talking about may apply. If that is so, than the stadium should be finished by the mid-August 2016 when the first official game of the Minnesota Vikings will be held. The stadium will be host to the Super Bowl that will happen in 2018.

Word of two were exchanged with the safety of the birds association in the U S A and they are good if the project keeps on and will be constructed like it is, and if any plans are changed like putting windows to prevent birds from their long awaited rest to happen, they will take action and seal the deal before the stadium is even completed.

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