The most famous

The most famous

The most famous aircraft mother ships in the world would turn into a luxury hotel and casino

At one time the mother ships “HMS Hermes” has left an indelible mark on the history of England in the military, as well as in people’s hearts as a leading attack force that helped the British in 1982 to recover the Falkland or Malvinas Islands from Argentina. But now, says the Daily Mail , the former aircraft mother ships will get a new life and will serve as a floating luxury hotel and casino.

It is planned that the huge aircraft mother ships that docked in the Bay of Bengal off India’s coast turn into a sophisticated five-star hotel with 600 rooms, which can accommodate nearly 8,800 guests. The hotel will be able to be proud of their expanses – 13 storeys of luxury apartments will be at least five restaurants, an elegant night club, swimming pools, as well as extensive conference facilities. The hotel will be located several kilometers from the coast in order to be able to operate the casino, because India and its local waters gambling is not permitted, notes the Daily Mail . VIP or special guests of the hotel will be removed in a helicopter, but the rest of the long road will be measured by speedboat. On board it planned to create a museum dedicated to the history of the mother ships.

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In 1975, Prince Charles, who had just qualified as a helicopter pilot, joined the 845 aircraft squadron of “Hermes” Caribbean and eastern Canadian waters.

In April 1982, attacking the Argentine armed forces, “Hermes” turned into a British admiral ship. At that time, 23-year-old war ship that was an unexpected twist of fate, because a year ago was supposed to stop ‘HMS Hermes’ operation.

Three days later the Argentine forces invaded the Malvinas Islands. ‘HMS Hermes’ it was on its way to the Atlantic Ocean south of 12 combat aircraft and 18 helicopters on board.

74-day conflict ended in June 1982, a month later ‘HMS Hermes’ returned to Portsmouth, the home where they were welcomed with a standing ovation.

In 1987, “Hermes” was sold in India, according to the information on Wikipedia . The ship was renamed “INS Viraat”, which translated from Sanskrit means “giant”. Almost 30 years later, the government decided to suspend the operation of mother ships, as it applied too much maintenance costs. As the Daily Mail , the huge mother ships sold for one rupee (0,014 euros), but the new owners will have to spend more than 100 million euros to Viraat transform into one of the finest hotels and tourist attractions in India.

The hotel, which is scheduled to open in two years, is likely to keep its name Viraat