The last match of the Mamba !

The last match of the Mamba !

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in NBA

And what Byron Scott said in the previous one . As if ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ is involved, the Lakers chose the tactics of balls to bounce Kobe ‘The Mamba’ professional basketball. A party that no one would fail and in which even the result accompanied since the Lakers were imposed by 101-96.

Complete statistics for the Lakers-Jazz

With the clear tactic guard took the opportunity to say goodbye making history by scoring 60 points with 37 years. It’s the best final game of any player who has retired in the NBA after scoring 22 of 50 shooting field. Guard completed his feat with four rebounds, three assists and a steal.

The best photos of a historic night

Kobe became the third player in 37 years to score more than 40 points in a game since Kareem, Karl Malone and Dirk Nowitzki.As expected, the Staples Center dressed up and filled their stands while the cheapest ticket was worth $ 800, to give the last farewell to the “Black Mamba”, his idol of the last 20 years, which got them five titles of league, and he imposed his authority over everything and everyone.

The last words of ‘The Mamba’

The team, where he always played according to his will, he did until the last second he was on the track to give every ball and that would make the field goal, no less than 50, his best mark as a professional, who scored 22, a percentage forgettable.

Warriors and Kobe vying for the history of the NBA

Bryant surpassed the mark of 47 field goal that set in defeating the Lakers suffered against the Celtics in Boston on November 7, 2002.But the party and the night was exclusive Bryant scored 23 points in the fourth quarter, which allowed him to get overcome the barrier of 50 goals for the first time since February 2009, sixth as a professional, in addition to getting the Lakers lograsen the comeback and the win.

Pau, star Kobe goodbye

The exhibition encestadora Bryant peaked when with 59 seconds left scored a triple, followed by another at 31 that gave the Lakers the partial advantage of 97-96 and concluded with an assist before leaving the field and 4, 1 seconds for the final horn sounded.

What do you know Kobe Bryant?

Annotation Bryant was the best he has had since winning 61 in the game he played against the Knicks in New York and was the fifth highest score he has had in his career, besides being the oldest player who managed to score 50 points in the NBA.Brands that do not have any value, since the party was completely designed by the Lakers for him to do all shots and also the Jazz already knew they were eliminated from the finals after the Houston Rockets had won blowout of 116-81 to the Sacramento Kings.

The last ovation to Kobe

That was the final ovation Kobe

Before comenzase the Bryant party received all kinds of tributes and all night was dedicated to her figure that during the 20 seasons he played with the Lakers, professional fifth has done in the history of the NBA, but the only one with a single equipment.

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