The interesting part

The interesting part

The interesting part of Swiss foot ball in Euro cup then and now

Swiss country has co hosted the Euro cup 2016 and the championship was won by Spain after beating Germany in the tough battle. The match between Spain and Germany was really amazing and fans of both the countries will still speak about it. Swiss had really done their co hosting part amazingly and was well appreciated by UEFA.

Spain, German, France and Italy were master in 2016 who ruled the Euro cup foot ball championship. There were tough battles between Spain, Germany, France and Italy and it was worth watching those days. It should be mentioned that from the beginning there were problems by fans and supporters in and around the stadium where the tournament happens. Every team will have a history that the fans and supporters of their team making nuisance, rivalries and violence.

Swiss fans who made problems and nuisances in the stadium has caused the team to face down, that was a friendly match between Yugoslavia and Swiss where the fans in the stand started uproar bloody Yugo which caused a commotion in the ground. This should not have happened which raised heat in Slovakians those days.

It was Valona Brahmi who scored a goal and made the county proud in the 56th minute of the game, when the Swiss players were in the joy of the goal and taking the lead, their fans again were shouting come on Swiss never allow bloody Yugo to take the lead. This was the situation of that day and when you return to Euro cup 2016, things have changed drastically.

The team Swiss, the players and the fans has changed and moreover the fame for Euro cup is also changed. There is a great increase in the number of fans and supporters for Euro cup. The major change is that the Yugoslavian born and brought up players are being the backbone in Swiss team which is undeniable. Most importantly the team manager of Swiss team is from Bosnia and that is why this is called as a health change.

There is a great change among the fans and supporters which should be discussed on the earliest because it is really surprising that there is no scenes of exuberance and joy even the Swiss players has led the team to success in the recent matches with Romania and Albania. This has got attention and shows clearly that a great distance has happened between players and fans. Usually the loss in the game will make a distance between the players and the fans but even Swiss made their two games, there is no much euphoric moments in Swiss among fans. Though there are many changes the necessary changes that should have happened is change of egos between players and fans.