The inspection approves play

The inspection approves play

The so called Bumper day is on the last two days of the year and this morning the inspection went to see the condition of the horses, to ask few questions to the jockeys and to see if everything is set for the last race of the year.

The first race was off in 1 p.m. as Christmas Meeting was passed by Racecourse, who managed to stay clean for the morning inspection. Taution are hosting this race due to Haydock withdrawal earlier in the month. A Bumper crowd due to the holiday has emerged on the stadium, making the atmosphere like never seen before. There was and will be cheering, cursing, betting, satisfaction and sad moments, spread across the audience. Sever races with 82 runners, together with the 20 000 pounds award for the first place are going on in the moments of the 2014.

Not one of the major trainers has decided to skip this competition, a Christmas and New Year’s Eve competition that are filling the soul and making the ambient even more satisfying. You can see each of Venetia Williams, Alan King, Paul Nicholls, David Pipe, Philip Hobbs and Colin Tizzard in the coaches’ seats, sharing their advices to their team’s jockeys.

The National champion AP McCoy will be on the field three times while all the others from 2nd to 6th position will all have their first appearance this first day. Although in the No.1 place McCoy is not the favorite one, as that title goes to the second ranked Friendly Society ridden by Kevin Bishop.

Race already started by McCoy and his horse and you can check the result on jackpot bet online.

As the first day ends tomorrow on the show there will be even more interesting matches and races, with more competitive ground to be seen by the satisfied audience. The crowd that already bought tickets to the games already set the record of most visited race and most visited tournament this year, which grows as the years pass by. This tells us that the Horse racing as a sport is betting greater and greater in the Great Britain. In the last day of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve there will be competitors from No.1 to No.25, some of who will enter the fields and race for three times. Let’s not forget that the No.1 will be on his horse racing two times on the last day of the year.

The founder of this tournament hopes that the audience will keep showing to this event as the years pass by and he hopes that it will drag even more attention. He also hopes that it will continue to grow as an even, and he is sure that there will be women competition of the same tournament in near future. He encourages you to bet online in the jackpot bet online as you can be one of the lucky winners of the jackpot, along with the other cool prices.