The Healthy Sport-Cricket Is Now Here

The Healthy Sport-Cricket Is Now Here

Cricket is being played in the field, which is well-rounded pitch in the center. Around the filed the public and the fans will be watching the match between the teams. Two teams are played in the match with 11 players in a team. A player should work hard to become the player of a cricket team. There are many advantages that one can acquire from being a player. If they have not been selected as a player for a cricket team, there are other chances for them to get a well versed job for them. A sportsman will definitely win his life.

One can make a good opportunity of becoming a good sportsman. Even though he has not become with the colors of player, he will be settled in his life with a good job. Cricket players are blessed with a good stamina by the god. Stamina power must be in a high level when a player is involved in playing cricket. Ones eye sight will become sight keener, while playing cricket. A player needs to run jump, throw the ball and needs to pass the ball quickly within a second. This is the main concept of a cricket game. The bowler will throw the ball to the player of the other team who is there on the other pitch. Running is the main concept of cricket game. Playing cricket game needs high stamina and also improves co-ordination. Being friendly with the team members is very important.

Cricket is been controlled by the cricket council in each countries. It is world widely controlled by International Cricket Council. Now the International Cricket Council is conducted the world cup match. The final is going to be held on 29th in the month of March. The people are enjoying the match very well. India is doing a good job in the match, the matches in the world cup is divided into 2 pools. That is Pool A and Pool B. India comes under the category of Pool B. and now India is in the top level, people are excepting India to win the match.

Ashwin is doing a good job in bowling and Virat Kholi is doing a great job as all round match. Betting is also taken place while the match is done between the players of the other teams, the fans of the teams are betting their bet on their favorite team. Betting is illegal but people are doing it because the desire on their favorite team that they had on them. Becoming a cricket player is not an easy job, one need to work hard to become a player. First he should build up the stamina power in them. Stamina is the foremost thing in the cricket game. Cricket is a wonderers game, which helps the player to express is talent to the overall world. Being a cricket player one can become very famous to all over the world. This is a real pride to him and to his surrounding and to his country.

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