The great player Ramon in basketball joining ASU

The great player Ramon in basketball joining ASU

The great game which is said to be the most interesting game for the people who are tall is said to be the basketball game. There are many interesting news which are coming out regarding this basketball and recently it is said that the great Spanish center Ramon Vila has signed up with the ASU basketball and it is because of certain important reason which are all mentioned by the reporters in the news.

The announcements are saying that this great player who is named as Ramon Vila has greatly signed up with the other team who is Arizona State and it is also said that this great player will come to the team as a complete fresh man from the month of August. This Vila is said to be the player who is about 18 years old and he is found to be the important player in the great preliminary of the Spain squad and it is for the great FIBA U20 European championships. This player is also known as the very big skilled big and strong man and he is also a good defender who is said to be very much solid in his position. The reports are saying that this person will highly lift the team to a greater extent and it is also the desire of many people. Many of the players who are found to be seen in the team are also highly waiting for the month of the August to find out the presence of this great player who is Ramon Vila.

The points which are averaged by this player is said to be highly daunting and the points are also highly remarkable. The points are such as 5.3 in the average and the rebound points are said to be the 3.7 in about just 15.4 minutes. These are all the very great remarks of this great player and it is said to be a very good position which cannot be obtained easily by all the other players and so he is named as the great high skilled players in his place and his appearance in the game is said to be the most expected one for all the team members and also for the great fans of the particular team.

It is said that it was during the U18 European match he has got the average point of about 12.7 which is the high point and it is said to be a very great mark for the players in the championship of the year 2015 in the great Europe. This player after choosing the great team which is ASU has given many statement regarding his decision and some of the most important among such statement are such that he has chosen this great ASU and the reason was because he has seen that it will be one of the great best academic colleges and the team spirit will be very much better there in the ASU. This is said to be the great reason for his great decision.

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