The great learning

The great learning

The great learning curve for the cricket players

There are many mind blowing cricket players who are found all over the world and among such cricket players the most well-known player is found to be the Angelo Mathews. He is the cricket player who belongs to the Sri Lankan cricket team and he has insisted the cricket players to note about the most important news regarding the match which is held this month. He speaks about the latest test series and the great defeat against the England.

Good learning

This great cricket player indicates that this great fall and the defeat will be a very great learning curve for the very young players. He also explained the players to learn about this test series and he is requesting the young players to make a very deep analysis about this defeat against England. The upcoming test series with the Australia will be a very tough one and Angelo suggested the players to concentrate more on their practice by keeping this great fall in their mind.

This is found to be very firing news which attracts all the people greatly and the players of the Sri Lanka are requested to concentrate much on the next test series which is with the Australia. Even though the team has faced a very big defeat, Mathews is thinking that it will be a very good attempt for the improvement of the team. Mathew also gave a speech on this week about the performance of their players and he has informed to the public that their players have moved to a very great level from their older position and he is asking is players to avoid worrying about their sufferings in the previous matches.

Lot of positives

There are many numbers of positives which are evolving from this series and Mathew says that the series has improved the confidence of the players to a greater level. The players who are said to be the best players in the team proved their title greatly and also the other players are moving to the forward place and they are waiting to get the best title from the next series. The fastest bowler in this team has done a very effective job and the great Mathew has given caution to the player to again increase the speed to a greater extent in order to make more wickets.

The superb batters who are found in this team are practicing very eagerly and tirelessly and they are trying to make the match as their own match with their positives. At the end, the player Mathew has given an important announcement and it is regarding the test series. He is saying that the Sri Lankan team will be doing a very good task in the upcoming three test series as they are going to play only three test series and regarding the ODI Mathew has announced that Sri Lanka will play five ODIs and also two T20s which will be against Australia. All these are about to be started from the month of July.