The Great Archer Casino Game Review

The Great Archer Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
The Great Archer Casino Game Review

The Great Archer casino games are one of the best games by Microgaming. It is scheduled to release in April 2020 for all the gamblers of the casino. All the functions and features of the slot have been taken from China and Hong Kong also. The Great Archer is consisted of the reels, multipliers, pay-lines, stacks, betting range and payout which are the need of every lover of the casino. Here is the information regarding the functions and symbols of the slot.

One thing takes into account than this slot can be played online without any extra effort but you have to install the proper software and application to run it. Online Betting for The Great Archer casino game will be useful.

Functions in the Slot

It has 5 reels and 1-24 –pay-lines like the traditional games features to cover the area of the game. It also can give maximum jackpot to the gamblers of the casino. While on the other hand, you can win up to 3840x the stacks that others not released. The RTP in the game, which is up to 97% would be impressed by the lovers of the casino. But, the real thing is that the presence of the Crow symbol. Scatters, spins, multipliers, wilds and regular symbols can give you more.

Betting Range and Payout

The amount to bet for a single line and spin is different here. The minimum range of betting is started from only $0.40 to the maximum of $40 to make the combinations and alternate work with the help of the reels and given lines in the slot. The Return to Player is of better figures while on the other hand, there is a huge payout for the gamblers to make the slot high volatility. It is the game that is loved by the fonder of the casino rather than to leave it.

How to Play The Great Archer Casino Slot?

Most of the features and functions in the slot are copies of the latest ones but they have major roles once again here. The Sun in the slot that would befall on the 2nd to the 4th reels in the shape of the wilds will do the work of the alternate with the other symbols. The wilds symbols will also get the multipliers and free spins in the center of the gameplay. But, it all relies on the working of the game by the player of casino.

The Symbol of Crow is very useful which is present three times on the reels to show it 3 to 5 to leave the extra free rounds to 20 from 8 and a maximum of 20 extra free spins for the users of casino. Free spins are the only point which amused the wagers because it is free for it.

The biggest achievement for the player of this slot it to gain the multipliers with the addition of the free spins from 3x to get a better result in the shape of the payout. The maximum multipliers which can be picked by the gambler are up to the 27x from the only 3 wilds symbols. This method to play all the casino games would be helpful. All the casino game has the same method to handle the slot but there would be just some difference in the working as the area of small and big. Here is the comprehensive detail of the theme of the game.

The Theme of The Great Archer Casino Game

The theme of the game is based on the folklore of China with the symbols of 9 suns and the sky also. Most of the symbols and functions are very common as we have been watched much time in the same developers of casino games. While on the other hand, the signs of the snake, Crow, arrow, bow, and Royals would impress the gambler to attract towards the slot.


The key functions in the slot of Great Archer are posted according to the requirements of the casino market like the RTP, payout, graphics, potential, game area, reels, and pay-lines. It is the best product for the Asian gamblers to try it for their benefit to make groom for the high and mega jackpot games of the casino as online betting.

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