The Golden Rat Casino Game Review

The Golden Rat Casino Game Review

The Golden Rat Casino Game invented by the iSoftbet and scheduled to release in the January, 2020. We are here to tell you about the RTP, free spins, multipliers, bonuses and the payout of the Golden Rat Game. See The Golden Rat Game Preview to know all the options and features of the game to get all the alerts of the slot. We will also update the detail of the method that how to handle the symbols and the multiplier which have free rounds and spins.

This game has not so many attracted features in it to snatch the casino gambler from the other slot but there is little option in it to overcome the faults.

Basic Options in the Slot

The company made this slot after getting huge response from the other slot of the series. The theme of the game is based on the Chinese culture and will inspire the players of the gambling. The features of the graphics and the symbols made the game very impressive and attractive for the users of it. Here are the key points and the functions of the Golden Rat Casino game.

It is noted that this game can be played by mobile phone by using the software of the game anywhere. The Golden Rat slot will behave like classic ones and there are only 5 reels in the. Only 25 chances for the gamblers to win the bet by applying the Betting from $0.25-$200 but this has average features due to have low RTP of 95.14% and the small volatile also. A casino user has the strength to win up to 500x which is equal to the $100,000. While the other main options to help the gambler are the re-spins, free rounds, stacked wilds and the some hidden symbols would be enough to impress the players.

How to Play The Golden Rat to win the Prize?

There are several symbols in the slot but the symbol which is helpful for the gambler for high prize is the presence of the Golden Rat but it is very tough to search it from the other gathered symbols in the casino. The Golden Rat symbol showed the wild and the trigger of the jackpot. This symbol also worked for the stacked ones and used by the gambler many times for payout.

If the gambler did well with the Golden Rat symbol then he will be paid up to 500 coins for making combo of 5 Golden Rats whereas the presence of the Red Money Bags and the scatters have to land 5 times in the reels to alternate to pick the totally free spins. At the start of the game you have to give 3 free spins and later on you can enjoy more and more. The delighted feature in the slot of Dragon scatters which will leave 8 Fortune spins on triggering the slot from 1, 3 and up to 5. On the other side, there is not any option to get more spins as a free after triggering.

All the free spins allotted by the casino leaded to give you a significant feature of the Sync on 2 to 5 reels like a spin in sync on clearing the signs of the symbols at the same places.


As we told at the start of the preview that this casino game made by the inspiration of the calendar of the China on the coming year of 2020 with the year of the Rat. No doubt, the symbols of the Golden Rat played vital role in the entire game to give extra and huge features and functions like the money bags, dragons, symbols with regular interval and the money trees with other ones made the game very impressive.


Having very low RTP and the average volatile, this also has small amount of prize for the players which showed the lower importance of the game in front of the players at the start of the new Chinese year. But some functions on the theme have the capacity to give more output to the casino gamblers from all over the world.