The Game Played in Both Indoor and Outdoor

The Game Played in Both Indoor and Outdoor

Basketball is an indoor and outdoor game played by two teams on the rectangular court. Each team as five players and the victory of a team is decided by number of goal or score gained by each team. The sport is played by shooting the ball into the basket. While shooting the ball the opponent team must block and shoot the ball into their basket. The score is given as per the number of goal it depends on the line in the court. If player make a goal behind the line then three points is given to the team else two points is given to the team. Hence winning of a team is depends on number of goals made by each team. If the final score is drawing that both team got same score then additional time is given to make goal which decide the winning team.

The positions of a basketball players is described as point guard also denote the first player in the team Usually the first player be the teams fastest player and need to be sure always that ball is getting to the correct player at the correct time. The first player organizes the team also known as team captain. Shooting guard also denotes second player in the team. The shots made by second player are high in volume, mostly long-ranked player and guards the opponent team player on defense. Small forward also represent third player in the team. The third player is mainly responsible for points scoring by dribbling the ball in to the basket and also rebounds the ball. The third player in the team is known as active player. Powers forward also represent the fourth player in the team. The fourth player plays by showing their feet back at the basket. During defense the fourth player in the team needs to play against the power of opposing forward or under the basket. Centre also known as fifth player in the team. The fifth player needs to use size and height to score. The fifth player role is to closely protecting the basket on defense or to rebound.

Shooting is the process of throwing the ball in to the basket to gain score. Shooting differs according to the situations and players. Normally, while facing the basket the player both the feet must face the front of the basket. Shooting is done by lifting the ball above the head and holding it in the finger tip of a player and jump to throw the ball into the basket. Usually, shooting is takes place by jumping and expanding the arm of the player. Entities needed for playing basketball ball, basket and the court. Basketball ball is spherical in shape and made up of leather material. The basketball basket is vertically placed at the ends of the court. The basket is attached to backboard called scoring board. The basketball court is rectangular court which is made up of tile or maple. The outdoor basketball court is made up of grass or cement surface.

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