The eternal question

The eternal question

The eternal question: Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant was marked by the NBA over the last three decades.Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant was marked by the NBA over the last three decades.

Both are in their basketball periods marked by the NBA and basketball in the world and left a rich legacy. Although between 15 years difference, they met on the floor, a lot of common denominators had also sports channels. Michael Jordan was the second return from retirement definitive farewell in 2003, Kobe Bryant will be 20 played seasons shoes on a hook to hang after finishing the season in which his Los Angeles Lakers forged at the bottom. And so they revived comparisons and opinions, who is better. Michael Jordan in the NBA came back in 1984, when the six-year-old Kobe Bryant for his father, who was also a basketball player, moved to Italy. Already in his first season he has reached more than 28 points per game and was already in its maiden season among professionals selected to the All-Star game.

Both basketball virtuoso are the same height, it is also very similar to their game. Bryant is in many things imitated 21 years older idol, but is similar to their “fadeway shot”, which has become the trademark of both. In the best years, when the conquering champion rings (Jordan by six, Bryant five) were headed by the same coach – Phil Jackson , and both are saying goodbye to when they are no longer at the top. “When Jordan played individually had a good statistics, but the team did not achieve top results. but when you coach Phil Jackson learned to play better team and include the start, which were at that time great (Toni Kukoc, Scottie PIPEnet Dennis childbearing, Steve Kerr), but also the team started to play better and have won six championship rings, but the statistics Jordan has not changed much. Jackson both added what they were missing, one sign of immortality, “the two extraordinary individuals, says the former basketball player and now coach of Illyria Sasa Dončić .

Jordan was already on arrival in the NBA between most of the league, while Kobe Bryant to the fore in his third season. This is also due to early arrival of Bryant in the NBA, which is in 18 years, went straight from high school. Bryant will be career ended with the teams, where he spent his entire career in the NBA – Los Angeles Lakers, Michael Jordan is the following a three-year retirement, before the whole career spent with the Chicago Bulls in the league back in the jersey of Washington, but it was a pale shadow of their best performances of the Wizards did not get to the playoffs. A similar story in recent seasons have occurred Bryantu, damaged by injuries since 2012 is no longer seen extensions. “She played both at different times. They have been a great leader of his team. We can say that Jordan marked the last 15 years of the 20th century, but Bryant for the first 15 years of the 21st century. Bryant is his true successor. both of them were in their time the best, “the 37-year-old farewells says Dončić.

Basketball was known as a player that has not been the most enthusiastic about feeding could (still had throughout his career more than 4.5 assists per game) and the like alone finishing their attacks. Jordan’s five seasons had an average higher than 30 points per game, after being surpassed Bryant. “The game was when he played Jordan, or when the league came Bryant changed,” he Dončić noted that have the number of points the important role of the change in the rules, which sometimes did not allow zonal defense and Jordan facilitate one-on-one overcoming opponents while he had Bryant sometimes fight against three or more of the basketball team, which was covered. However, he had the Bryant point performance, which is not managed to overcome the “Air Jordan”. exactly two days more than nine years ago, the Toronto scattered 81 points , which is still the second best result in the history of the league, because more played seasons but Bryant total reached more points, Jordan was defeated in the number of appearances in the All-Star game, which will be played at the end of February for the eighteenth time.