The epicentres

The epicentres

The epicentres of madness: the biggest derby of the world

Football itself is pure emotion, but there are times when what you feel about twenty-two men and the ball can not be ‘measured’ or comparable with anything.

The mentioned period can often vary in intensity and length – from several days to several weeks – but it is easy to determine the epicenter of ‘madness’ barn somewhere in the range between 90 and 120 minutes, not including potential ‘pre-cardiac’ penal series. All in all, then all that is really important and essentially becomes absolutely irrelevant, and your thoughts, and all types of energy that you give away are focused on just one thing. To your beloved team recorded a win over most, the eternal rival. Then, what is the moral becomes immoral – then do not choose the ways and means to reach the goal. Then it is only important that your team after the final whistle raised his hands high above his head, while you’re in a trance hugs and rejoice with the people that you are the first time in my life seen – the bar, the pub, the pub, the local ‘slammer’ kladži …

The epicentres of madness: the biggest derby of the world (2/3)

A few days ago, played on the 150th anniversary of the Belgrade derby – between Red Star and Partizan, the two biggest Serbian club, once the invaders and finalists Cup / Champions League. I, as much as some tried to belittle and degrade a variety of ways – truly should be proud duel in red and black and white – because there can be many world capitals to boast of such rivalry and such great sports tradition. In the spirit of the jubilee edition of the largest game Serbian football, sports newsroom B92 decided to present you a list of ‘major’ played the most important secondary thing in the world. the match which cities have the power to divide in half, centuries-old rivalries that high-born brothers and friends turned into bitter rivals, but they (us) At the same time, in turn provide a unique experience and happiness, as well as valuable, unforgettable memories.

Derby della Capitale – the magic of the ancient city

‘Biancocelesti’ were established even 27 years before his great rival, in 1900 in the northern part of the city and neighborhood Patri – created the ‘Societa Podistica Lazio. After more than a decade in the amateur ranks, the club he joined in 1912 the then elite league.

Italians do have a large number of Derby, with Brazil and the UK, and probably the highest in the world, but the ‘holy trinity’ of Italian football consists of three really great match. The one that was on the third place – you could read in the second part of our series, while the second is the story of the first text. But all it really means that we come to eternal duel eternal city – Lazio vs Roma. When you look at the big picture, not many svetskh fiery duels like this between Roma and Lacijala the legendary Olmpiku – perhaps only a few. However, little is lacking to pass the idea of Benito Mussolini and the city of Rome receives only one club in 1927. The idea of the leader of the National Fascist Party was that the Roman clubs – Roman, Alba-Audace, Fortitudo and Lazio – Decree of the National Alliance merged into one a powerful team that will govern Italy. However, he opposed the general Giorgio Vaccaro, who at that time was a high member of the leadership FS Italy, and managed to resist the Nazis and saved Lacijale as the only independent club, in addition to the newly formed AS Roma. Such “ground” and could not result in such a rivalry.