The Cup of the World Cup 2018 was brought to Kursk

The Cup of the World Cup 2018 was brought to Kursk

A year later football fans from all corners of the earth will rush into our country, all of them will be eager to see the most important trophy of the World Cup 2018 in the hands of their team, and before that time, admire and die of delight at the sight of the coveted Cup will be residents of 24 cities of Russia. In their number hit and the inhabitants of Kursk.

September-November 2017 and May-July 2018 World Cup will be held on the road. Tradition to carry the trophy on the eve of the World Cup originated in 2006. This time the trophy will visit more than 50 states, but most time will be spent in Russia. By the way, the Russian route will be the longest in the history of such tours.

The cup will be exhibited in a special tent. Anyone can get there, but you cannot touch the trophy or see it without a protective glass. These are the rules of FIFA. But you can take a picture with the Cup using a special machine. The photo will be printed to you on site, and an electronic copy will be given.

In Kursk, the trophy was brought today – the goblet can be seen in the MEGHARIN shopping and entertainment center on the 6th floor. He will stay in our city for exactly three days. October 23 the Cup will go further.

The route of the tour across Russia is laid out in such a way that every third citizen of the country will be able to see the main trophy of the forthcoming World Cup 2018. The journey of the Cup will end in Moscow on June 14, 2018, before the start of the international football championship FMFA 2018.